Anchorage, AK – Famous Auto Sales Company, United Auto Sales Anchorage celebrates an era of 25 years of glory after selling 25,000 cars since 1996, making it a remarkable achievement in the history of the Alaskan Auto Sales Industry.

United Auto Sales Anchorage, a widely trusted automobiles sales company has successfully completed 25 years of its auto sales services. The company team celebrated this milestone with great zeal and fervor.

The CEO of the company, Mohammad Malik expressed with great pride that this remarkable achievement is just a milestone and the company will pass the journey of many more of such achievements in the near future. This clearly depicts the amount of faith and trust that our customers have in us. We are committed to providing such valuable services in the coming years without compromising on quality.

He further expressed that starting 25 years back was a dream but with hard work, consistency, and honesty, no goal is unachievable. The trust of our customers has brought us here today.

We spoke with the General Manager, Arsalan. “With United Auto Sales Anchorage, one doesn’t need to be in a panic about getting a car at an affordable price.

“Buying a used a car is a real headache but thanks to United Auto Sales Anchorage who provide vehicles in genuine conditions at a discounted price. They are have become the most trusted company in delivering quality vehicles to the customers.”- Steve Marsh, a customer.

Established in 1996, United Auto Sales Anchorage is an Alaska-based used car in anchorage sales company that deals in almost all types of vehicles at a very economical price.

The company stayed committed to providing the lowest priced vehicles without compromising on quality for the last 25 years. It is commonly regarded by the customers as a place where both quality and saving are guaranteed.

The company offers a wide variety of quality inventory with a flexible financing system. The inventory consists of different types of vehicles in different price ranges. Vehicles of all the famous car brands are available for sale including Honda, Toyota, BMW, KIA, Mazda, Ford, Nissan, and many other brands.

The company’s official website makes it easy to access any type of vehicle with a specified price. The portal shows in real-time if the vehicle is available for sale or being sold out. Also, Flexible financing is available on all types of credit.

Inventory is composed of different groups of vehicles including sedans, pickup trucks, minivans, and low mileage cars, etc. So everyone can get his choice of the car easily in a genuine condition within a suitable price range.

Inventory details are available at United Auto Sales Anchorage official website where newly available vehicles are updated on a regular basis. We can also be reached at (907) 561-1718.