One of the most stressful things an employer has to take care of is buying corporate presents. Now, this might seem surprising but, an employer has a lot on his plate. From running the enterprise, maintaining cool client-customer relations, managing and organizing finances and so on.

So, when ancillary tasks like buying corporate presents come into the picture, the employer has his hands full. However, for maintaining cordial relations with employees and instilling in them a sense of belongingness it is needful to show them appreciation. This is why buying corporate presents or rather work anniversary presents is an integral part of the office culture.

Now, if you’re enterprise is prestigious, any kind of presents won’t do! Thus, for work anniversaries the best pick is leather corporate accessories. Leather is timeless, simple yet classy. Not to mention, it is long-lasting and a fabric that is ideal for office use.

This is why today’s blog will state 1-5th leather gifts to pick for work anniversaries!

Read on!

5th Work Anniversary

5th work anniversaries are a big deal! It takes patience, dedication and perseverance to stay in a company and work diligently for its betterment. This is why, for employees who have crossed the 5-year mark, you must present them with authentic leather products that are significant as well.

The best option here is to pick custom leather photo albumsThe best part as the name suggests you can personalize these by imprinting your office logo on these albums. Your dedicated employees can use these albums for storing their favorite work mementoes, images, family pictures and whatnot.

Additionally, a good leather album comes embossed, and possesses more than 80 pages. As a result, your employee can store a myriad number of photos. The best part these leather binder albums are also aesthetically appealing and old-school, which add on to their charm.

Apart from these leather albums, if you wish to gift your workers something more appealing, you can pick a watch and a leather watch case. This present is moreover, ideal for employees at the top of the hierarchy like managers and accountants.

4th Work Anniversary 

Employees who have almost reached the 4th year mark are as dedicated as the ones reaching the 5 year mark. They are in no hurry to leave the company and hence, these people need all the appreciation there is to motivate them for working harder.

Thus for the 4th anniversary, the ideal present would be a leather watch case. Most corporate souls love flaunting formal watches with their classy work attires. Now, these watches, if not kept securely, can succumb to mechanical damages.

This is why gifting them leather watch cases can prevent any form of dirt or mechanical damage from affecting their prized watches. Additionally, apart from being useful, the leather watch cases look authentic when they sport a collection of unique watches too!

You can also go for gifting corporate leather bags to employees. Leather bags are professional, ideal for work and play, and look stylish. Further, these are big enough to store a plethora of everyday necessities like phone, covers, chargers, food etc.

3rd Work Anniversary 

Crossing the 3-year mark mean celebration and happiness. Thus, for 3 year work anniversaries the ideal present to select would be a leather portfolio or leather scrapbook. The portfolio is something most employees need every year.

This will highlight their work experiences and best qualifications, which will assist them in impressing clients and peers. The scrapbook, on the other hand, can be used for featuring their artistic talents that can highlight their aptitudes.

2nd -1st Work Anniversaries 

For workers who are just beginning out the best thing to gift them is leather bound legal pad holder, leather camera straps, leather journals with company logos etc.

These are ideal incentives for beginners and sum up for first and second-anniversary gifts.

On that note, now that you’re aware of the types of gifts to pick for 5th to 1st anniversaries, hurry and find the ideal presents for your beloved employees. Just ensure to pick a reputed corporate gift store for high-quality leather accessories.