A visit to a hair stylist salon in Calgary can be a memorable experience. One can meet people from diverse backgrounds and professions, all of whom are more than eager to share their stories and experiences. One simply has to prod people in the right way and out they come with their tale. Some of the people that you are likely to bump into a hair stylist salon in Calgary on any typical day are:

The Gossip Guru
She is a storehouse of information on people and has some of the juiciest stories about them. There is hardly any local news around the neighborhood that is not known to her. She has the gift of the gab and will fill you in with all information on what’s going around Calgary and why.

Deaconess First Lady-Elect
She is more interested to meet the visitors in the salon and judge them, rather than get any service performed on her.

The Coupon champion
She has passes, tickets and coupons to almost every other local event in Calgary and is the most sought-after person in the salon. She is popular and has a very high IG following.

Hustle Man
Hustle man serves all the salon visitors. If someone is hungry he serves them food; if someone is looking for a designer bag, he gets them one. He has a solution to every need and provides advice and consultancy even on matters such as dental insurance or investment.

The Introvert
She prefers to stay to herself and minds her own business. She can be found either listening to music, or reading, but never wasting her time.

The young Intern
She is the one who is fresh out of Beauty College and raring to go. With boundless energy she performs all the errands in the salon and practices what she has learnt at college. She is easy to spot, as you will mostly find her tinkering with gadgets and tools in the salon.

The Don
He is the master who spins magic with his hands. He has hands-on experience with style, color and technique and there is hardly any hair type with which he has not worked with.

The Chief
She is the salon owner and looks after her work like a pro. Handling operations and managing people is second nature to her. She carries a “no nonsense” air about her and is the ultimate trouble shooter. She has the knack to come up with innovative ideas that earn customer loyalty and help grow the business.

The brand conscious chick
She is brand conscious and does a brand check on everything in the salon. You can find her evaluating different brands and sharing their pros and cons with other salon visitors.

The organic one
She is a fan of organic stuff and never steps back whenever there is a chance to use organic and natural materials in the salon.

Hair stylist salons in Calgary are worth a visit and one must visit a salon with a prior appointment to ensure minimum waiting time. One must also insist on seeking consultancy with a stylist and seek out options that suit one’s personality before commencing with actual services.

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