If you are looking for a marketing tool that will help you bring a high ROI for your e-commerce business, consider email marketing. It is not expensive, and it is an incredible way of generating revenue. In fact, email marketing developed to the point where it became the most powerful communication tool between the business and the customer as it is able to deliver the right message to those who are interested. Taking all that into consideration, one thing is clear – in order to make this email communication possible, you need the customer’s email address. Enter the Sign-Up button that can do wonders for your business. Here is how.

An Opportunity to Be On Top of Things

By filling a “Sign Up” form, the customer gets an opportunity to receive fresh information about all the services you provide. This could be information about deals, sales, special offers and discounts, or fresh content from your blog that offers useful advice to your customers. The best thing about all the experience is that email marketing is not intrusive because the customer has decided to leave the contact and receive such information from you. Plus, they are not giving away their details like their home address, and they are not distracted by, say, a marketing phone call and are able to continue with their daily activities. All in all, emails are an excellent solution to send a message that the customer expects and can read whenever they want and have needed you.

Beneficial to Three Different Parties

The Sign-Up button is useful for you, the business owner, for your customer and your affiliate marketing partner. Here is how.

As mentioned previously, you, the business owner, benefit significantly from having your customers’ email details because you can send them fresh news about your services. That will remind them of you, perhaps make them ask you for additional information about a product or a service, and finally, hopefully, the emails will turn the potential customers into regular customers.

For the customer, it will be beneficial for them to know when they can save money by buying a product on sale, or use some of the exclusive deals you are offering. If you have exciting offers, they will stick to you and become a loyal customer.

For the affiliate marketing partner, the “Sign Up” option opens possibilities for them to make money from commissions by merely referring potential customers to sign up to your email list. In this way, they earn some extra cash for the promotion they are doing with the pay per sign up affiliate program, while your email list is becoming longer.

Convenient and Low-Cost

Email marketing is not only a great idea in the field of marketing, but also it costs little money and still has a significant impact. The convenience lies in the fact that the email list captures the target audience that is right for your business, thus making the ROI exceptionally high. There are statistic numbers that suggest that a 200% return on investment is possible with email marketing.

The Bottom Line

Your online business depends on the interest shown by the customers and, more importantly, by the purchases made by them. That is why you need to offer them regularly an offer they can’t miss. Hence the importance of the “Sign Up” button. Without it, you won’t be able to remind them that you exist to help them out with the services you provide, which means they will hear less and less about you.