You’ve totally been enjoying no-shave November for years now. What’s more? You normally go to the saloons to give your beard the quintessential trim. However, time’s a rough and maybe you realized that wasting money on saloon shaving isn’t such a smart deal after all.

Besides, you’ve recently purchased a 3 blade razor, so how hard can shaving be?

Errr, turns out a lot!

You see, if you do not follow the rules, followed by men for generations you can get razor burns, cut yourself, face ingrown hairs and what not due to ‘shaving gone wrong’!

This is why this blog will help you revise the age-old shaving tips to get a clean crisp shave!

Read on,

  1. Prep it up!

You know sometimes men don’t spend time in preparation and go straight for the blade. Stop that, because the skin is delicate, even if you’re a man.

So, firstly, to remove dead oil, dirt and grease, use pre-shave to rinse your face thoroughly. Shaving without pre-rinsing can lead to rashes and cuts because the skin isn’t moisturized or dry.

If you’ve heavy stubble which is rough, use steam from the shower to moisten the rough bristles. Once your beard is sufficiently moist, you are ready for the next step.

  1. Ensure You Have a Good Shaving Cream 

To understand what a good shaving cream is here is a trick. A good quality shaving cream is rich, thick and creamy. Do not, therefore, opt for extra foamy shaving creams. The ones which are thick and creamy offer more lubrication and offer a smooth shave.

What’s more? A thick shaving cream only needs to be used in minimal amounts. Thus, there is less chance of wastage too.

Now, apart from texture check labels before purchasing the shaving cream. For example, go for sensitive creams if you have skin that is easily affected.

Well, once you have invested in a good shaving cream find a soft brush which you can use to lather the cream in your face. So, on your moist beard lather this cream and leave it for a while to let it settle down.

[Note: when you’re buying the shaving brush pick ones with bristles that have the right mixture of softness and roughness. This will help you enjoy a comfortable shave.]

  1. Use a Sharp Razor

If you have a lot of rough bristles on your beard chances are you need a sharp razor to shave your face. Using a dull blade can lead to the skin getting cut or irritated. So, ensure to invest in a 3 blade razor as these can easily help in removing layer after layer of tough beard and giving your skin a clean shave.

[Note: Before using any razor first soak it in warm water to disinfect it properly!]

On this note, after you’re done shaving use warm water to once cleaner the face and you’re good to go!

Well, now that you know of the quintessential shaving tips ensure to follow these for a clean and happy shave!