3 things that are in demand for the cake packaging wholesale


Innovation is the key to success. It won’t be wrong if we apply this saying to a growing market. The competition in the baking industry has grown thicker over time. The quantity in the retail baking points has immensely flooded the market. Getting your favorite pastry is now possible in one click. Likewise, the packaging industry has diversified its product range. The buyers have now more freedom than past to customize their product box as they like.

However, the smarter ones are those who keep their product into consideration while choosing the box layout. As the cake is a delicate product and has greater size range thus they may require more customization over other products. Moreover, the customers always look into a suitable product box. Therefore there are a couple of things that are highly in demand for the cake packaging wholesale. Such as:

  • Suitable packaging material:

The sturdy packaging material keeps your product safe until they reach at the customers’ end. However, the quality of the product varies from one enterprise to another. Some of the material cost higher than the ones. Hence using cardstock, cardboard and eco-friendly Kraft is a great idea. Neither of them doesn’t cost higher and provides that durability that keeps the cake safe over long distances.

The cardstock is the most commonly in use material. Similarly, the cardboard is nowadays in use for the fondant cakes or as a lid under the cakes. In the same way, the eco-friendly Kraft has taken over the market due to its biodegradable material. The manufacturing cost of such boxes is lesser over the other ordinary boxes. Furthermore, they are recyclable and reusable.

  • Variation in box styles:

The market offers tremendous variations in box layouts. The boxes are customizable in all dimension sizes and shapes as per client requirement. Usually, the cake packaging wholesale is available in three popular styles; four corner front tuck end, side lock box and six corner front tuck end. They are the ideal box styles. Apart from them the auto-lock tuck end boxes and die-cut boxes are also used.

Importantly the die-cut flattened cake boxes cost lesser while shipping. Whereas the glued box cost higher. Generally, the die-cut boxes are recommended for cake as they are quicker to assemble at point of sales.

  • Grab a hand on the most striking details:

The buyers are quite particular about not only the style of the box but also the details on the custom printed cake boxes. Somewhat the cakes are used on the occasion of the festivity or celebrations. Thus simple cake boxes fail to gain customer’s attention. They prefer printed boxes. Hence you may get CMYK and PMS printing or digital and offset printing. All of them are different from one another.

However, offset printing lasts longer in contrast to digital printing. It also cost cheaper like CMYK printing. The wide color range can be used well to an imprint cartoon character or any other animation to withdraw the target audience towards your specific product. This equally helps in establishing a brand name in the market.

Similarly, for a festive look either foil or spot UV creates the sparky effect on the custom printed cake boxes. Foiling is not restricted to only gold and silver but you may choose any color of your choice.

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