You perhaps have been attracted by the growing influence of blockchain, or you see the technology transforming various aspects of Industrial operations. Irrespective of why blockchain is on your mind, it is a technology that should be learned about. If you’re a software developer, engineer, or an analyst, with an interest in blockchain, learning how to work with blockchain technology is beneficial. It will open a plethora of job opportunities.

First, the demand for blockchain professionals is growing. According to IDC, global spending on blockchain will increase to $12.4 billion by 2022. Second, lack of knowledge about blockchain is making it challenging for companies to hire qualified talent.

In this scenario, blockchain certifications, are a credible way to enhance knowledge about blockchain, get hands-on knowledge, build credibility in the area. Mastering blockchain requires familiarity with an extension of skills Different certifications equip candidates with different, but blockchain-related skills. Apart from knowledge of blockchain, data analysis, business acumen is required to be a good blockchain professional.

Here are four blockchain certifications for professionals that lead you to a good career in blockchain development.
Best Blockchain Certifications

  1. Blockchain Revolution for Business Enterprise Certification from INSEAD 

This certification introduces you to the blockchain, how it works, and why it is revolutionary.

You will learn about various crypto assets and the ways that can be transacted. In the end, you will be familiar with how blockchain is disrupting the industry and finance services. Upon completion of the certification, you will be performing analysis on an application and evaluate its performance in your industry.

  1. Business Blockchain Professional from CBCA

This certification introduces you to the fundamentals of blockchain, cryptocurrency, major applications of blockchain, and various blockchain use-cases. You will get inside-out knowledge of blockchain. In the end, you will know how the industry can leverage blockchain and head towards better productivity, growth, transparency, and security.

You will be well-equipped with the skills to break into the blockchain industry and sprint ahead.

  1. Blockchain Certification from UC Berkeley 

This certification explores the central idea behind blockchain. You will learn about Bitcoin’s consensus algorithm. Understand Ethereaum. You will understand Bitcoin’s real-life applications and know about Bitcoin’s proof-of-work alternative algorithms. You will deal with scalability problems and come up with feasible solutions. Further, you will understand the regulations of blockchain and its impact on anonymity and future scopes in this field.

  1. Blockchain Developer Nanodegree Certification from Udacity

You will learn how to develop your own private blockchain data model network using Node.js and Leveldb. You will work on multiple projects in collaboration with blockchain industry leaders. You will gain familiarity with blockchain development, Ethereum for smart contracts, Dapps, etc.

For the unfamiliar, these certifications help you traverse the blockchain sphere. Coming from globally recognized institutions, these certifications provide a credible way to prove understanding of the blockchain technology and break into the industry. But as with all things technology, you will need to keep learning continuously to stay abreast in the blockchain industry.