Recent surveys show that on average the age of the vehicle on road is around 10 years. This means that people are preferring to not change their cars very frequently, are being cost-conscious and choosing to keep their cars rather than exchange them for newer models. This also means that many drivers are postponing their routine car repair visits for maintenance and regular check to save money on repairs.


As your car gets older, it is imperative to increase or at least maintain a regular schedule of visiting the car repair garages to keep your car functioning within safety limits so that you don’t take undue risks with your car.


Many car experts and auto mechanics suggest that by not visiting the car repair garage on a regular basis, in reality, you do not save money but are rather waiting for a major crisis that will cost you heavily.


So in order to avert such a crisis, it is best to take your car for regular maintenance or when you think something is out of place. In a city like Dubai or Abu Dhabi, the heat and dust due to the weather conditions could make some major systems in your car run havoc.


Choosing to go for car repair is half the work done, ensuring that you get your money’s worth of work after the right diagnosis of your car is another story.


Here are a few dos and don’ts, suggestions by car repair experts and garage mechanics that will ensure that you get the right repair work done efficiently without shelling out money for unnecessary repair checks and works.



  • Convey all the relevant information, communicate well to the technician.


The better you are able to convey all the existing problems with your car to the mechanic or the technician at the car repair garage anywhere in Dubai, the quicker the issue be diagnosed and fixed. It saves you a lot on time and effectively resolve the problems with the vehicle. 

Noting down any uncharacteristic sound, a malodor smell that is emanating from the vents, leaks, and squeaks, how and when they occur could help the Auto repair technicians to diagnose your car problems. Even mentioning the previous maintenance visit to the garage will help them understand the car better. 


To help you make a checklist here are some of the noteworthy symptoms that point towards an issue ;


Backfire – a gunshot-like sound that comes from the exhaust pipe.

Misfire – a hesitation when the fuel in one or more engine cylinders’ does not get ignited.

Sluggish – the feeling when the car is not performing to its potential and is an underwhelming drive.

Surge – sudden, upward change in engine speed.

Knocking – Detonation, a rattling sound heard while accelerating.



  • Having a realistic expectation of time and service.


Usually, if you are going in for auto repair in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, best is to have scheduled it, so that you can plan your day or days without your car. This way you are not in for a surprise when you go in for auto repair. Quick, good and cheap services do not all come together, they are conflicting. And if you are expecting ‘good’ service, then be prepared to leave it for the day or two, and also be prepared with the part replacement cost as well. A good mechanic or car repair garage service in Dubai or anywhere in UAE will need the time and patience to go through all the systems in the car, check for their optimum functionality and repair if they are not up to that level. Even if you think, the car was running fine, there will be parts replacement. And make sure that you get a quote for the service inclusive of possible part replacement after they check the car. This way you know what to expect and not be taken for a ride with the bill.



  • Be available for clarifications


Even after the preliminary check is over, and they have provided a quote, it is highly possible that they have found deeper issues that would need extra labor or replacement of parts. It is best to always have it approved by you. For it to happen quickly and without much delay, it is best to give your contact numbers so they can call you and get that approval. And you too will be glad that you were informed of the issue.



  • Lastly, let the technician do their job without your constant supervision.


You could be extremely careful of your vehicle and want to know exactly the kind of work done on it. But that doesn’t mean you hover over the technician while they work. As the old saying goes, a watched pot never boils, it is best to let the technician work in their comfort zones without having the pressure of you looking over them.


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