Eating is one of the best parts of a day! You can skip it, but your day absolutely will not be the same without it! Freshness is very important in everything you eat and even drink. This particularly applies if you are consuming something that does not come with any preservative and products that were once alive before they are brought to your plates.  

Seafood is just one example and probably one of the best examples out there. Fish, shrimp, crab, squid, mussel, whatever kind of seafood that is, you must always choose the freshest picks! Freshness always makes the huge difference, and you must always put that on top priority.

Why fresh? Why not just even the not-so-fresh ones? Below are 4 reasons why as a buyer of raw products, you must look for fresh seafood?



Seafood comes from under the water (some from the seashore). There are lots of other sea creatures and marine lives that the seafood you eat had come in contact, and you don’t know what those are. You do not know if those creatures they encountered beneath are safe for human health or might have already negatively affected the seafood itself.

What’s worse is that not only aquatic life forms are found underwater. Because of human irresponsibility in waste disposal, there are garbage and other nasty elements present underneath as well. That’s no longer new to hear, but most of the time, people who throw trash to bodies of water forget that the seafood they eat come from those places. It’s sad but true, and people should actually learn because it’s for everybody’s good. 

You should seek fresh seafood at all times, so you are informed that the water area where they are caught from are actual breeding places for growing and harvesting fresh seafood.



There’s a certain time limit for seafood’s complete freshness, and when everything’s right and perfect, freshness is achieved. It’s obviously very different from the ones frozen and/or canned like hotdogs, bacon and nuggets which can be bought the same even at a late hour in the evening. Seafood should not also be placed for too long inside your fridge, unlike sausages, meatloaves, chicken and the ones previously mentioned.

You will notice how consumers make it sure that they reach the wet market early in the morning, hoping that they come earlier than most of the buyers. Why? Because the fresh ones newly caught and newly brought there before the sun rises easily run out of stock as fresh seafood is definitely sought-after; that’s on a daily basis! 



Look for fresh seafood because it’s what you will be able to enjoy and get yourself full with — not the stale ones! Of course, when you buy seafood that has been in the market stall for a day or two, do not be surprised if you smell your food fishy and taste the same. That’s exactly the downside of settling for less than good quality seafood! 



Fresh seafood carry tons of nutrients your body essentially needs! On the other hand, seafood past its sell-by or consume-before date carry nothing but health risks. Easy-to-break down kind of protein is one of the advantages you get from eating fresh seafood!

Every kind of seafood has unique health benefits! You can acquire them from fresh picks only!


Freshness is key. Don’t ignore it. Choose it. 



Nicole Ann Pore believes that freshness of what people eat is always important not only because of the experience but also of its health implications. She writes about matters that revolve around fresh seafood and the market industry. Nicole is a daytime writer for Manettas Seafood Market Australia, an online and interactive seafood market allowing accessibility to the highest quality seafood from Australia and abroad.  | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.