Be it a sporty event or a wedding, an outdoor LED can take it to the next level. Outdoor LED screens are not only high for entertainment and concerts but are a blessing for advertisers and marketers. So, if you are planning for outdoor led screen hire, then here is what you should be looking for on the screen.

  • Brightness

When it comes to outdoor screens, the brightness of the screen is of utmost importance. All the effort you might have put into the content that you plan to display on the screen can completely go to waste if your screen isn’t visible. Yes, that is exactly what happens when one installs an LED, which isn’t bright enough to compete with the sun’s brightness on a sunny day. Any LED which has a luminance below 2000 nits will not be visible under bright sunlight. So, when you are renting an LED screen for an event, make sure it has the right brightness, contrast, and saturation to shine through even on a sunny day.

An ideal screen will have an automatic brightness adaptation system which will perfectly adapt to the outdoor lighting or stage lighting   as it changes through the day. Apart from that, a screen must have uniform brightness throughout its entire surface to avoid any blotchiness on the pictures, or one area of the screen is brighter than another.

  • Location

Where you decide to place the LED screen is also crucial for the performance of the screen. The distance or the audience from the screen or the viewing distance determines the pixel pitch of the LED screen. Pixel pitch refers to a pixel density of the image projected by the screen, Higher the pixel pitch, higher the resolution of the picture, thereby showcasing higher clarity. Usually, outdoor LED Screens start from a pixel pitch Of P6 and go up to P60. For a height of 15 to 20 Feet, pixel pitches of about P20 or P25 should be ideal.

An LED with lower brightness can benefit from a little shade. Having a thorough discussion from the company you are hiring the screen can help you a lot with the perfect placement of the screen.

  • Weather Protection

Outdoor conditions like wind, rain, and sun can be quite temperamental and change every hour of the day. Thus, it is essential to go for an outdoor led screen hire that can not only withstand extreme conditions but also continue to perform at their best even during such a situation. If you make your hire from the right place ten, they might even come up with a plan to install an LED enclosure to protect the screen from torrential rain, moisture, or physical impact. Outdoor LED’s also come preinstalled with a temperature regulation system to help it adapt to changing weather conditions as well as control overheating of the system.

The ingress protection (IP) rating on an LED screen indicates its resistance against moisture and solid physical objects. Always look for one with a higher rating.

  • Installation

Make sure you are going to a company that has enough experience in renting and installing outdoor LED screens and stage lighting. They must use quality hardware according to the requirements of the event to secure the screen in place. Correct installation is not only crucial for the best performance of the screen but also to avoid a mishap.

These were the things that you absolutely cannot compromise when you are hiring an outdoor screen for an event. We suggest heading to an experienced company for the job to get the most satisfactory results.