With the New Year just a few days away, everyone is preparing to enjoy saying 2019 in their own ways. However, the general mood on New Year’s Eve is usually filled with immense partying and drinking during the count down to the New Year. For everyone who has been struggling with addiction throughout the current year, this is a tricky situation. So, you wouldn’t begin the new year still in the same situation. Here are tricks to make you stay sober during New Year celebrations.

Give it a traditional twist

There are various ways to celebrate the New Year without drinking. Traditional ways of celebrating the upcoming year usually focus on hoping for good fortune in the forthcoming months. You can indulge in eating foods that bring prosperity and wealth to set the tone for the New Year’s success. It is no wonder that resolutions aim at hoping for a bright future. The period is usually characterized by making promises in exchange for divine favors. The theme is usually on setting the pace for a successful transition into the New Year.

Modern traditions are available to replace old ones. These include flashing lights, glittery sequins, and heavy drinking. The choice is yours to ensure you have the most of your experience. It is important to understand that whatever you do at this moment might have a significant impact on how the New Year goes. Therefore, spending celebrations drunk is not a good idea. It is very important to remain sober to allow setting goals with a sound mind.

Stay in a sober community

The temptation to do something is always high when having friends doing it. Peer pressure in a social setting plays a significant role in how you behave. When planning to celebrate the upcoming New Year, avoid socializing with friends who abuse substances or alcohol. Amidst friends who drink alcohol, it might be hard for you not to give in. A good idea is to spend the night in one of the best sober living homes in San Francisco.
Enrolling into a recovery program now limits the chances of celebrating the night with friends who drink. You have to check your support groups for the gatherings prepared for the occasion. The good thing is that there is less likely to be the presence of addictive substances. Perhaps you can send the night engaged in rational discussions, playing sober games, or making accurate perceptions. This is better than spending the New Year’s Eve celebrations intoxicated.

Spend it with loved ones

You can spend New Year’s Eve celebrations with loved ones in appreciation of their care and support. People close to you play a significant impact in supporting your desire to regain sobriety. Enjoying the end of year celebrations in peace while appreciating the presence of your loved ones is a better idea compared to spending it indulging in substance abuse.
The cold weather is a wonderful moment to snuggle up on the couch sipping some hot chocolate but the fireplace or watching a good movie. Perhaps you can go out for a celebration dinner. You will wake up feeling good the next day while setting the pace for what the New Year is going to be. Most importantly, you will have entered the New Year in good health.

Have a good excuse not to drink

If all the above tricks don’t work for you, the last thing you can do is to have a good excuse not to drink. There is a chance of being obliged to attend a party or two but drinking should not be compulsory. You can keep around enjoying the celebrations while avoiding alcohol. This is better than disappointing others when you decide to remain at home alone. All you need is a smart excuse not to drink while attending the New Year festivities.
Perhaps you can say you are on medication. Alternatively, you can leave the party earlier before it heats up. Before coming, you can tell the host that you will leave earlier to avoid complaints while leaving. Having made it clear that you will leave early will make a smooth escape. The best way to avoid getting intoxicated at a party is by telling everyone that you are in recovery. No one will try to force you to take a drink or two. Perhaps you can come with your own nonalcoholic drinks to avoid getting left out as others are drinking. This is a wonderful trick to make you fit in the crowd without actually getting drunk.

Wrapping up

The New Year’s Eve celebrations are in high gear. Everyone is planning how to make the most of the moment. Above are some tricks to help you enjoy the moment without substance abuse. Spending the night in a sober living community eliminates chances of getting lured by friends to have a drink or two.