There is a great number of women out there who enjoy a charming, sexy and seducing way of living their life. They are usually inspired by the books they’ve read or the blogs they are reading in their free time, all with a focus on the female empowerment and position in society. A strong, independent woman is always a catch because of that she is an intriguing figure that tickles the men’s fantasies. In order to help you decipher women’s attitude and opinion, here are the top __ quotes, chosen by no other than women, who they claim made an impact on their lives.

“Seduce my mind, ensnare my heart, capture my soul, and my body is your completely”

Women nowadays understand how powerful is to be a woman. The power they have in them raises the bar for lots of men. Women have great expectations of men, the way men had about them in the past and today, women know they don’t exist to please their partners – better yet – pleasing each other is a mutual thing. That is why they love this quote – they want to be seduced by the intellectuality of their partner, they want to be loved and taken care of and only then they will give in completely.

“It’s not about seducing men, it’s about embracing womanhood. ”

When it comes to men, they seduce to get the girl. When women seduce, it’s not about going home with the men they are flirting. Not at all! How ridiculous it might seem to men, right? Well, women love seducing. This means that they are comfortable in their skin, have accepted the fact they are women who can make the world fall in love with them and they use this knowledge to feel superior in the act of seducing. It really is “that simple”.

“Above all, be the heroine of your own life”

Women read… a lot. And not only they relive the story of the main heroine in their fantasies, but they create a whole new world where they are the heroine. And they transfer this feeling in the real world. They know that whatever happens, they are the only responsible for the decisions they make and the happiness and sadness that comes out as a result.

“God gave women intuition and femininity. Used properly, the combination easily jumbles the brain of any man I’ve ever met”.

Yes, women are intuitive. They immediately know something’s up if you are trying to get your way when you are in disagreement. When intuition is combined with the femme fatale factor, nothing can stop them. They become an upgraded version of themselves that no man can overcome. British, German and Ukrainian women are said to be one of the most intuitive women in the world. Who knows why?

“You alone are enough, you have nothing to prove to anybody.”

Said by the great Maya Angelou, these words are like the Holy Grail to all women. Women know that they must praise their worth without the fear of being alone because they know they can achieve a lot more than men think they can. And they don’t have to prove it. Because who else can give birth to a child, take care of a child, be a housewife, have a career and have a social life while at the same time is a passionate lover and a friend to her partner? Only a woman can.