Summer is here with us again, and this is the best time to travel and discover the earth. There are tons of locations around the world where you can visit and enjoy your summer. Below is a list of five places you will love traveling to this summer.

1. Vietnam.
Over the years, Vietnam has become a tourist hotspot for many. The locals are super friendly and a lot of memorable places to visit. Vietnam has many beautiful beaches where you can cool off in the summer heat. Or you can visit Vietnamese markets and get the opportunity to learn Vietnamese culture fast hand.
One of the most popular locations where you must tour is Halong Bay. At Halong, you can enjoy boat rides through limestone islands as you take pictures. The view is breathtaking. Several movies have also been shot here too.
2. Hong Kong.
Hong Kong is one of the most beautiful cities in Asia and the world in general. A prime destination for all types of vacations. There are a lot of things you can do in Hong Kong while you are on holiday. The city is famous for its nightlife, tasty local dishes, and breathtaking views from sky crappers.
Though shopping is popular, nothing beats a Hong Kong massage. There are tons of massage parlors where you can take a break from discovering the city and relax. Hong Kong hosts a lot of sports events throughout the year, giving sports lovers a lot of options when they are on holiday.
3. St Lucia.
The Caribbean is one of the best places to enjoy your summer break. Whether it is a family vacation or a honeymoon, St Lucia is the place to be. Here you can enjoy a luxury type of holiday without having to dent your pocket. The accommodation is top notch, and you will get to experience the Carribean first hand, including the local food and culture.
The tiny Island nation boasts of beautiful beaches where you can swim, scuba dive, snorkel and even take cruises. Apart from the beaches, St Lucia is filled with breathtaking forests and hills where you can take hikes as you take pictures.
4. Kenya.
Would you like to go on an African safari? Kenya is one of the best tourist destinations for an African safari. There are a lot of game parks in Kenya which are home to famous animals like the African elephant and lion. You can also get a glimpse of one of the seven wonders of the world, the wilder beast migration.
Kenya boasts of beautiful coastlines in Mombasa and Lamu. Here tourists have the opportunity to, swim, sunbathe, or even sail using local boats known as dhows. Most locals speak English or Swahili, making communication easier. Furthermore, the locals are very friendly to tourists.
5. Dubai.
A lot of transformation has occurred in Dubai over the last decade. It is everybody’s dream to go to Dubai at least once in their lifetime. This summer presents the right opportunity. The city looks like something out of the movies. You can create unforgettable memories here from taking desert safaris to cooling off the desert on the beautiful beaches of Dubai.
Dubai is home to the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, where you can get the opportunity to go to the top floor and get a glimpse of the view below you. Besides that, you can also go for shopping around the city or even drive around the city in the car of your dreams.
In Conclusion.
Contrary to a lot of peoples perceptions, all of the above destinations are affordable and safe for all.