5 Reasons Why Ombré Powder Brows Are Better Than Microblading

The Ombré Powder Brows technique for powdery eyebrows is the latest trend for permanent make up eyebrows (PMU). The techniques in the permanent make-up industry have improved greatly in recent years. Now we work with very fine needles that are barely noticeable. Why the latest permanent make-up eyebrow technique is considered a revolution of microblading, we show you here.

Microblading has taken the beauty industry by storm in recent years. With a small tool, a very natural-looking eyebrow can be conjured up. This looks with the pigment strokes, as if you had many small hairs on the eyebrows. Microblading is meant to replace single hair and not fill eyebrows. It should look as if they were filled with pencil or shadow. Over the years, a newer and more advanced technique developed in Asia – called Ombré Powder Brows (also known as Vegas Brows). The powdery eyebrows differ from traditional tattooing in that they are just surface work. That is, the entire pigmentation occurs only on the first layer of skin – the epidermis layer. The name Powder Brows describes the technique very well. The result is powdery eyebrows, with a faded at the front and a more intense gradient at the end. The appearance is very similar to that of make-up. For the past three years, Ombré Powder Brows has taken the USA by storm.



Why Are Ombré Powder Brows The Latest Trend?

  1. Less invasive

Ombré Powder Brows are made with a small pigmentation machine. With a fine airbrush shading technique, the pigment spots are distributed on the skin. Microblading uses a blade that makes many small cuts in the skin. Over time, these repeated cuts at the same sites will more quickly cause trauma to the skin.

  1. Less pain and blood

The powder eyebrows are less painful due to the applied airbrush-like technique, which makes the skin less traumatized than microblading. The latter also leads to cuts in the skin, causing more bleeding. With powdery eyebrows you have to expect minimal to no bleeding during the treatment. Some clients report that pain can be compared with an electric toothbrush that is placed on the surface of the skin during use. With Vegas Brows is to be counted on much less inconvenience, since only a tiny little Naden is used.

  1. Durability

Of course, the results vary depending on your lifestyle, skin type, health, etc., but a single session of Ombré Powder Brows repair using high quality pigments can last for an average of 1-2 years. Microblading, on the other hand, becomes spotty and blurry after the time. Therefore, more frequent improvements are required. They lead to a strong erosion of the skin and it can be more stressful.

  1. For all skin types

Vegas Brows are suitable for all skin types as opposed to microblading. Microblading on oily skin requires much more rework, which makes the skin more traumatized.

  1. Natural eyebrows

While the eyebrows of Ombré Powder look fuller, the healed results look like a softly tinted brow pencil or powder. Immediately after treatment, eyebrows appear thicker and more intense. However, they fade by up to 30%, leaving a soft finish. The eyebrows can then be refined again after a reworking period after about 4 weeks. The Before After comparison is already very unique and you will love your new powdery eyebrows.


All information can be found on https://www.powderbrows.at/