Technological advancements have had its bearing in many aspects, including cooking. It’s true that cooking has become much easier and quick with the help of technologically advanced kitchen appliances. It is because of the precision that these appliances have, that they have become an integral part of our lives. Not only are they time saving but equally efficient.

Well, a rice cooker is no different in that sense. It’s simply a machine that helps you cook rice easily and efficiently. Now, you may go on to ask as to why a Panasonic rice cooker is better than your stove top or microwave. Well, there are many reasons, some of which are listed below. These reasons will help you make your choice: –

  1. Perfection – Since it’s an automated machine, you don’t have to worry about things going wrong. When you cook on a stove top and one minute you are gone, the water is over spilled on the stove. The rice? Overcooked. This is not the case with a rice cooker, it will not leave the rice undercooked or overcooked but just the perfect. The best part is you don’t have to be there necessarily. You can very well do some of the other chores of the house.

  2. Variety – Did you know that different kinds of rice have different cooking methods? For instance, brown rice takes much more time to cook than your regular white rice. Similarly, sushi rice and your Mexican risotto also have some different cooking methods. Well, you can’t be knowing it all. With the help of a rice cooker and its diverse settings, you can cook almost all kinds of rice. It has a programmable setting that helps you cook anything you want. Some even allow you to steam veggies or cook grains such as oatmeal, etc.

  3. Saves time, energy and labor – Time is money, they say! And you can’t afford to waste it. Using a rice cooker not only saves you time but also energy. With the use of a single appliance, you get rid of all the other pans, cookers and spatulas. It saves you gas as well. Electricity is still cheaper than gas. Its cost-efficient, in the long run making it an ideal long term investment. You don’t have to stay still and watch it cook, you can do other work or relax. Washing the usual utensils takes in a lot of water and washing detergent but a rice cooker usually has a non-stick surface. This helps in easy cleaning because the leftover food doesn’t stick to the surface. It’s easier to lift and take out, its lightweight adds to its easy usability.

  4. Slow cooking benefits and multi-functionality – It is because of its slow cooking and steaming feature that the rice cooked in a rice cooker is much tastier. This feature also helps you in cooking various other food items such as pudding, stew or even soup. You can use it to prepare many of these items. Some models also have the feature of cooking poultry and seafood. They have a special mode for steaming. Slow-cooked food is much healthier and also helps in weight loss. You can use the rice cooker for cooking rice and other slow-cooked items to have a nutritious balanced diet.

  5. Necessary adjustments and space for intervention – The best part of having a Panasonic rice cooker is the various facilities it provides. Do you like your rice a bit undercooked or overcooked? Well, a rice cooker ensures that you don’t have to compromise on your little eccentricities. You can simply watch the rice cooks and make adjustments according to your requirements. Its slow cooking process also ensures that each grain is separated, and the texture is good and firm. It also has a keep-warm feature that allows the rice to keep warm from 6-12 hours. Different models have different time slots. You don’t have to re-heat them. These rice cookers also come in various sizes, so now you can cook the right amount of portion.

Well, these were a few reasons that should be enough. Now. You know that a rice cooker is not just another kitchen appliance but a life-changing machine that benefits you in 100 different ways!