If it was a few years back, people would not have been interested in this domain. But today, the profession of Project Manager has attained quite a reputable position. Companies’ demand for Project Managers has grown tremendously.

With this demand, the interest among youngsters to become a Project Manager has risen as well. Several consultancies and institutes offer management training courses Oman and other places that help individuals in the process of becoming a Project Manager.

But the question that lies ahead is “How to get started?”. Well, you have come to the right place then. Read till the end to know the 5 stepping stones for becoming a Project Manager.

1.       Identify your skills and build your base

In any profession, the first thing that one needs to do is to identify their skills. It is not so hard to do that. Pretty much every one learns at an early age what they are good at and what abilities do they possess.

So now that you have shown interest in choosing this career then it is quite obvious that you got organizational skills and leadership abilities in you. Half of your problem is solved once you realize this.

Moving forward is pretty basic in any career choice. Working hard to achieve good grades in academics, staying away from trouble and keeping your social media accounts free of any ridiculous posts is essential to follow to build your base.

2.       Work upon your people management skills

If you are aiming to become a Project manager then you got to have the capability of managing people. You cannot just sit on your desk all day to prepare Gantt charts and study the Cynefin framework.

People management is an essential skill that Project Managers possess. Being in this job role means you have to deal with lots of people. People with varied personalities and characteristics. It is a tough job. Especially when you want them to cooperate with you.

So, time in time you got to sharpen your people management skill. This will not only help you to ace your interview while getting the job but will assist you tremendously throughout your career.

3.       Learn tools of Project Management trade

Today everything has been upgraded to become digital and technical. Yes, soft skills are important for the role of a Project Manager. However, you also need to learn the technical ways to manage and handle your job.

If you are not a tech-savvy and are feeling intimidated by hearing this, well, don’t be. Project management software is not something too complex to learn. They are designed to make the job of Project managers a lot easier. Plus, they are extremely user-friendly.

You’ll be able to use them seamlessly within a few months. Some of the common tools include Basecamp, Microsoft Project and many others. Learn to use these tools so that you are ever-ready to ace to become a Project Manager.

4.       Get certification

Even though it is an ongoing debate that what value does a project management certification can add to the career. Getting certified will never hurt anyone. So why not go the extra mile in the project management community?

The project management certification that everyone has heard of and is seemingly popular is Project Management Professional Certification. However, there are other certification options available such as Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) which you can aim for.

5.       Jump on the field

Now that you have prepared yourself for acing in the field of Project Management. It is time for you to dive into the practical field. Start applying for jobs and get that dream job of yours.

If you have obliged by the above-mentioned steps then there’s no stopping you to get on the field efficiently. Brush up your resume and get started with the interviews.

You’ll be soon be working as a Project Manager once you have gone through all the above-mentioned steps. To further steady your chances of becoming a Project Management professional you can get into private institutes that provide Management Training Course Oman and in other places.