If you wish to play some demanding PC games, so a high-end PC is not an issue anymore. You can enjoy some classic games alongside a few latest ones by with these tips and tricks.

A cheap laptop is almost like a blessing to a budget gamer, as you most likely own one for some other activities. It is obvious that you will not be getting the same graphics and resolutions like a high-end PC, but you will get an enjoyable experience nonetheless. If you are a real gamer, then intense gameplay would immerse you more than graphics.

The post will contain tried and tested tips to get optimized experience out of your budget laptop. Here are the tips and tricks:

  1. Perk Up the RAM

Playing all the games is a no-no if you have a budget laptop, no matter how optimized it is. The high-demanding games will always stay out of its reach, so you should always check out the game specs before you buy it.

You can quickly check the system requirements online or the game publisher’s official site. The game package has it printed as well, so you can also check it over there. Check out the minimum required specs and match out your PC’s specs with it.

The first thing you should check is RAM. Make sure that the required RAM is under your laptop’s specs. You can check the RAM by right-clicking on My Computer tab and then going on the properties. 8 GB RAM is decent to play low to mid-tier games, but any less than that will make you suffer.

  • Get a Decent Mouse

A budget gamer does not need to invest in many PC attachments, but a mouse is integral to enhance your gaming experience. Laptops do have a touchpad, which can prove useful at times, but the majority of the time, you are going to suffer without a mouse. Any strategic game requires quick cursor movements, which a touchpad does not facilitate.

You get mobility and quickness in your gameplay with a mouse, so make sure to buy one. You do not need to buy a premium one, as a budget USB one will work as well. However, to enhance your gaming experience, it is vital to chip in some extra bucks.

  • Always Stay Plugged In

Games require a lot of power, so if you plan to play on a cheap laptop, then be ready to get the battery sucked in at a blink of an eye.

When you have finally gotten a demanding game to work, a dried out battery is the last thing you want to experience. Make sure you plug in on a working socket and keep charging it throughout the game.

A portable battery works decently; however, an extended binge gaming encounter can suck it up as well.

  • Kill Everything Else

It would be a surprise to you how much processing capacity can be occupied from a background task. So to optimize your gameplay and enhance the gaming experience, you need to kill off every background task.

Close any web browser and its open tabs, Discord, Skype, or Spotify. Just close them all. Make use of every ounce of the processing capacity and notice the difference. This will not only improve the game functioning but can also facilitate graphic enhancement as well.

  • Left-Swipe to Every Option in the Menu

You may need to tweak up the options before you start playing the game. Old and classic games can function smoothly even on a budget PC; however, if the game is high-end, then you need to play on the lowest settings.

Switch off unneeded aesthetic effects like ambient animations and shadows. Drag the graphics down to its lowest possible settings and enjoy a decent functioning game. These tips will help your laptop in functioning some games, and you can even improve the graphics depending on the performance.

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