Have you ever thought about consulting an IVF specialist in Singapore? Perhaps you’re experiencing some difficulties in getting pregnant or you had more than one miscarriage. If you’re in a similar situation, you may wish there is someone you could see. And that’s where an IVF clinic comes in.  There are dozens of clinics who can help you with your IVF pregnancy. But finding the right one is harder than you think.  With these tips, you can choose the right IVF centre in Singapore for you.

  1. Do your homework. Not all IVF centres are alike. It’s worth doing thorough research ahead of time. You may want to check out lists or sites of all the IVF centres in Singapore where you can find the clinics’ success rates and relevant statistics. It is vital to have an overview of the industry as this will help you spot which of those clinics have real expertise in addressing your fertility or pregnancy issues. 
  2. Ask important questions. Don’t be hesitant to ask questions as this will help you determine whether you’ve chosen the right IVF centre in Singapore. In every visit you make, make sure to ask these questions:
  •       Which procedures do you perform and how often?
  •       Do you have age restraints for the procedures?
  •       How long have the IVF specialist and doctors been there?
  •       How much does the treatment cost?

It is very important to ask how many procedures the centre does each year as the volume is a good sign of its expertise. Also, it’s noteworthy to inquire how long the medical staff has been at the centre. Their experience matters. If you visit or call the clinic, and they are too busy to answer your questions, it’s better to try elsewhere.

  1. Know what you’re getting for your money. IVF treatments and procedures can cost you a lot. That’s why you have to prepare for it financially and emotionally. Keep in mind that it’s not about spending less or more. It’s more of getting what you’re paying for. So, weigh all options and see which will provide you the most benefits.
  2. Get involved in a support group. If you’re in a support group, you might meet people who share the same journey with you. You can learn from them and ask for their referrals. Also, it won’t just help you find the right IVF centre in Singapore but also help reduce the stress or anxiety you’re feeling with your pregnancy issues.
  3. Trust your guts. You have to trust your guts, your instincts. Does your visit to the centre make you feel comfortable? Consider how the IVF specialist in Singapore talks to you. Does he/she offer a sense of reassurance? Use your gut feelings.

If you’re looking for an IVF centre in Singapore, it is necessary to make sure you’re choosing the right one. With so many clinics to choose from, these five tips will help ensure your IVF specialist in Singapore is competent and reliable.