Fresh mountain air, warm fires to keep the cold out, and stunning scenery – sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? That’s what camping is all about. If you live in Mumbai or are planning to visit, know that there are several camping places near Mumbai to enjoy the best of nature. There are countless awesome opportunities when it comes to camping near Mumbai for couples, friends, and families alike. You can enjoy beachside camping near Mumbai as well! So if you feel like you need a back-to-nature vacay, the awesome camping places near Mumbai are tailor-made for you. Take a good look at the list below of some of these amazing cheap and free camping sites near Mumbai. Weigh your options and pick a camping site that’s best for you.

Top Camping Sites Near Mumbai:

While you can always explore the top hangout joints in Mumbai, why not explore some of the best camping sites near the city this time? There are several camping events near Mumbai throughout the year that draw people here from all over the country and the world. You can also book last minute flights for a quick getaway in case you cannot plan for a trip. Check out our list of the very best camping places near Mumbai and take your pick!

  1. Karnala

There are plenty of reasons to enjoy Karnala camping near Mumbai, Maharashtra. A popular weekend getaway for Mumbaikars, Karnala offers a picturesque landscape to enjoy. There is also a popular bird sanctuary here and you can spot countless amazing species. Also, the Karnala Fort trek is a must for avid hikers. Those visiting during the monsoon will be able to view a stunning waterfall that’s full to the brim during this time.

Best Time to Camp: The best time to visit and enjoy Karnala camping is during the winter season when the cold weather makes it pleasant to explore the outdoors.

  1. Pawna Lake

For an absolute back-to-nature experience, forgo luxury camping near Mumbai. Pick hardcore nature spots like Pawna Lake which are much better camping places near Mumbai. There are countless adventure opportunities such as trekking and others. Also, swimming and other water sports opportunities make this the ideal place for beachside camping near Mumbai. There are several camping sites at Pawna Lake and you can rent camping tents online.

Best Time to Camp: The best time to visit Pawna Lake for camping is right after the monsoon when the region is washed in fresh greenery.

  1. Tikona

If you’re arriving on business class flights for a romantic trip, know that Tikona is the ideal spot for camping near Mumbai for couples. Offering breathtaking views of the Sahyadri and plenty of solitude, the place has romance written all over it! Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t visit in a group. Visit and trek up to Tikona Fort, enjoy outdoor BBQ, or tell stories by the campfire at night.

Best Time to Camp: The best time to visit Tikona for camping is during the winter or right after monsoon. Avoid visiting during the summer as temperatures tend to soar intolerably high.

  1. Vasind

If you love water sports, then Vasind is among the best camping places near Mumbai for you. With scenic views of the water and its surrounding greenery, the place is a paradise for nature lovers. Enjoy a horde of exciting water sports, take a stroll through the woods, or sit by the night fire and reminisce about things close to your heart. The place is ideal for a break from the everyday monotonous routine.

Best Time to Camp: The best time to visit Vasind for camping is after the monsoon or during winter. Do not visit during the summer as the region tends to experience extreme heat.

  1. Shirgaon Beach

This is the best place for beachside camping near Mumbai, Maharashtra. A small portion of the beach is left open for the public to camp, making this one of the best camping places near Mumbai. You can enjoy the lovely sea breeze, go for a swim, and try several exciting beach sports. If you’re camping with kids, there are ATVs and camel rides for them to enjoy. It’s the best camping place near Mumbai for families.

Best Time to Camp: The best time to visit Shirgaon Beach for camping is during the summer or winter season. Avoid visiting during the monsoon as intermittent rainfall will wreak havoc on your camping plans.

  1. Kolad

Kolad is among the very best camping places near Mumbai. It offers visitors a chance to enjoy several other adventure activities besides camping. For instance, river rafting on the spectacular Kundalika River is a must! You can enjoy kayaking and trekking as well. The cultural sights and soothing sounds of Kolad offer the ideal break travelers need to rejuvenate themselves. Visit with friends or family and enjoy the best camping experience ever!

Best Time to Camp: The best time to visit Kolad for camping on cheap flights to Mumbai is during monsoons or winter. Avoid visiting in summer as temperatures tend to soar extremely high.