Carpets are one of the most expensive purchases made in the whole house. It makes your home look posh and comfortable. We all know that rugs are magnets for dirt, stains, and germs. They can quickly become dirty and lose their overall glow.

Most of the homeowners attempt to clean the carpets themselves, which most of the time ends in a disaster. In the end, they end up calling the carpet cleaners to do the job. They again make the mistake of entrusting their expensive carpet to mediocre carpet cleaners because they are unaware of the qualities and traits of a professional.

Here are some facts that nobody told you about the best carpet cleaner in the business:


The best and professional carpet cleaners will come with truck-mounted cleaning equipment. They will use hot water extraction, which is recommended by the carpet manufacturers as it is the best method to remove dirt, stains, and grime. Your warranty will be validated if you use truck-mounted hot water extraction cleaning, and only the best ones will provide!



Most of the companies you hire will make your carpet look somewhat clean. The reality is that they will be using harsh chemicals and detergents that will make your carpet look fresh and remove all the stains, but it will remove its protective coating and leave residue behind. The best cleaners will use organic compounds and minerals to extract grime and dirt from the carpets without causing damage to the protective lining of the carpet fibers.


Some companies will give you cheap and cost-effective rates and quotes on the call or online. But after hiring their services, the bill will be going through the roof. This happens with most of the scamming companies that are operating nowadays. They will charge you with hidden rates. Make sure to ask them to give you a detailed list of the charges to be included in the bill. Emailed or handwritten by them!


Nobody thinks of the company being insured or not. The best carpet cleaners will be insured and certified to do the cleaning. They use high pressured water for cleaning the carpets, which can damage the flooring or furniture in the vicinity. In such a case, their insurance will cover the damages.


The best companies that offer carpet cleaning give thirty days guarantee. If spots reappear during that time, they’ll do it for free.


The carpet cleaners should vacuum the carpet and upholstery before the cleaning process starts, or the dirt will change to mud and muddy the whole house. Their services will do pre-treatment, which is sometimes not included in the quotes, so make sure to ask them the upholstery cleaning in Colorado pricing included in pre-treatments.


Cleaning the carpet involved in washing and rinsing it with hot water extraction or other methods. The carpet needs to be professionally dried before laying it out again, or the persistence moisture will cause molds to grow. The best cleaners will effectively dry out the carpet in two hours and then place it back.

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