Wedding Magician Sydney

If the venue you’ve picked for your wedding isn’t very big, or if you’re having an intimate and laidback event, there’s no reason not also enjoy fun activities. Some of our suggestions don’t require a lot of space, but just a bit of creativity and they also include wedding magician Sydney.

  1. Photobooth

This one is almost a classic already. While professional wedding photos are beautiful, it’s super fun to allow your guests to take some spontaneous shots too, so hiring a wedding photo booth can be a great way to help guests loosen up and have fun at your wedding. In case you really don’t have enough space for a wedding photo booth, you can spread small disposable cameras and funny props across the venue. You can also rent photo booths that record short little videos. How about allowing your guest to have fun creating silly gifs during the party?

  1. Hire a caricaturist

Posing for a caricature can be a bit boring, but why not have a skilled artist draw a few spontaneous sketches of you and your guests during the party? This is a great idea for a simple, yet highly personalized and unique wedding favor. The only challenge here is that the success of this activity really depends on the talent of the artist you hire, so make sure to see a few samples before you decide on anything.

  1. Have professional dancers teach people some moves

Everyone loves to dance at a wedding party, but how many people are actually good at it? To loosen up your guests, you can hire a couple of professional dancers who will make sure everyone learns a few moves and gets the chance to show them off, right there on the dance floor. You can even ask the dancers to do a few presentations during the evening.

  1. Photo hideouts

Also on the “photo” topic, how about setting up a photo hideout for your wedding? All you need is a nicely decorated space, with some cozy cushions and a soothing mood—a place where two or three guests can rest from all the dancing and drinking. Make sure that space has some fun props and a camera or two so that your guest can take some funny selfies while they rest.

  1. Ping pong and other wedding table games

How about renting a ping pong or a foosball table for your wedding? At a big party, people will have different rhythms and look for different ways of enjoying the night—not everyone likes dancing, for example. So, setting up a few alternative entertainment options around the venue is a great idea to help people feel free to make the most out of the party in their own ways and motivate them to socialize with people without making it feel like a team-building task.

  1. Organize lawn games

If you’re throwing an outdoor wedding or your venue has access to a nice field, you might have enough space to set up a few lawn games. These games and activities can be as simple as a super-sized Jenga tower, or more elaborate like a sack race or a match of cornhole. The most important this is that you take advantage of all the space you rented for your special day. The only restriction here is the weather, as these wedding games only work if your guests can comfortably play outside.

  1. Magic Shows

You can even hire professional Sydney magician who will be performing their amazing tricks that would prove a lot more entertaining to the guests who are there at your special event. Magician hire comes in their own performances creating mind-blowing tricks that would please the guests immediately.