Ensuring comfortable working set-up is imperative to design. Today’s office space is increasingly significant for employers to manage to frame the organizational-environment as functional as possible. More and more office furniture are designed to provide a differentiating element to enhance the quality of work and furnishing an ergonomic option for the employees for the optimal performance. To achieve this goal, business organizations are incorporating types of latest furniture, such as adjustable desk, to spread a positive impact within the floor. With these adjustable height features of table or desks, this new trend is carrying out by interior designers to stimulate working environment.

Improve well-being in your office and craft the work station adjustment as per the manual work requirement with the help of Adjustable Desk to optimize both productivity and health. Hence, know the top features of the adjustable desk that lead to mobility and flexibility.

Here, we have put together the top features of the height adjustable desk to reduce the negative impacts of sitting.

  1. Anti-collision feature: Most of the time, it is been observed that adjusting with the height of the desk make a subtle collision with the objects set in the paths, such as cabinets or windowsills. While adjusting with the height, it is the most common issue faced by the user. Thus, an electric adjustable desk has a sensor that prohibits the height modulation if it senses any barrier or object while attaining the desired height. It is known as the anti-collision feature that will stop the movement of the desk, to prevent any collision- a great feature indeed.
  2. Electric Adjustment: Off course, if the desk is electrically-enabled, the tension gets sorted to make the adjustment manually. Electric adjustable desks are the best solution for crafting the smooth and interesting work floor as it is much easier to raise and low with the help of hand-crank or hydraulic models. Just press the up and down switch to get the desired height. Moreover, as per the research, electric adjustment desks are more compatible than the manual one for easy operations. So, one can always get an advanced model for the office work with these kinds of adjustment.
  3. Memory preset options: Another notable feature, this memory preset option is very helpful while setting the desired height every time. With the help of a control panel, the rise up can be manoeuvre with the help of four memory presets. As per preference or height estimation, the user can navigate the right height every time with the press of the preset-button. Press the preset button and configure the right adjustment automatically.
  4. Motors in every leg (Dual motors): Motors in every leg is important to check the noise while adjusting the height of the table. Off course, motor implementation is noisier and slower if it is just installed as a ‘single-motor adjustable desk’. Get a motor in each desk leg to prevent noise and prevail smooth operation.
  5. Crossbar: A feature that connects all the legs of the desk with the centre of the frame to distribute optimal stability. Moreover, the crossbar feature also reduces shaking and wobbling.
  6. Quick and easy installation: Ensure a quiet, smooth and quick transition across the office space with the upCentric feature.
  7. Ability to fit in any existing work surfaces: Again, this upCentric feature supports a number of accommodations as per the various table-top sizes. A very economical option for availing a six-to-stand working solution.

In today’s work place, these Adjustable Table and height manoeuvre desk have become a worldwide choice to manage hectic work schedule and meeting deadlines.  Know the right features if you are concerned with the wellness of the employees and so, with many available brands, select the popular choice that satisfies the need, and restore the complexity of the sitting and working.