These days people have become very busy, and they are always in a search for fast and effective options for ironing clothes which consumes a lot of time with traditional irons. So, garment steamers have come up which is a speedy option for people who are tight on their schedule. Compact garment steamers are an effective way to quickly press wrinkled clothes. They give a fresh look to your clothes and removes the wear and tear from regular ironing and washing. These are also compact and portable so you can carry it anywhere in your travel bag. So, if you are looking for speed and reliable options you can find numerous garment steamers such as Philips garment steamer which will ease your ironing process. However, apart from giving your garment a fresh look, these steamers are also a great help for numerous domestic tasks

  • Cleans your sofa

It is used for removing the soils and stains out of your sofa. Although you can always use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and crumbs, the garment steamers are great for eliminating stains and smears easily. They use hot distilled water vapor which can transform spots on any water-tolerant sofa fabric

  • Dusts your curtains

Instead of removing those heavy curtains and washing them in the washer and then drying it in the dryer, you can easily use handheld steamers to remove unwanted dust and dirt. As the steamers use hot steam you need to check if your curtains have ‘dry only’ option or else the hot steam would distort the fabric

  • Removes light rug and carpet stains

Garment steamers work like any other carpet steamer which makes it an ideal option for cleaning spots. However, if you are dealing with more heavily soiled areas you should instead opt for a deep cleaner with a carpet cleaning detergent

  • Removes grease

It can also remove grease from your oven and make it clean and ready to use again. Many steamers such as Philips garment steamer melts up the sticky dirt, by releasing pressurized steam after which you can wipe it clean

  • Removes dirt grime from kitchen and bathroom

Dirty grimes are a common problem in the kitchen and bathroom by just directing the steamer towards the dirt and then watch the grime loosen up, and finally, you can wipe it clean with a clean cloth

  • Defrost the freezer

Garment steamers can also be used to defrost your freezer in a faster way. But make sure you proceed the defrosting process with caution as a steamer is an electrical appliance, and so it is important to take special care and avoid direct contact with water while defrosting

  • Cleans your mattress for a better night’s sleep

The handheld streamers can also be used for giving you a better night sleep by healthily cleaning up your sheets. They are also useful for removing old stains, deodorizing the sheets and even helps in minimizing bacteria and germs.

So, it can be seen that garment steamers are not only used for keeping your clothes fresh and clean but surprisingly they can prove beneficial in most of the household tasks. So, you can think of buying a Philips garment steamer and use it in a number of ways. But before you use them for other tasks remember these few tips

  • You should never use the garment steamers for fabrics and textiles that are not suitable for high heat or moisture

  • You should not use steamers on garments with “dry clean only” labels as using steamers on such garments can cause damage to the fabric’s structure or leave spots on the clothes

  • While using steamers on dark colored fabrics, it is better to test a small area first so that you do not spoil the fabric

  • You should also avoid using these garment steamers on finished wood, polished or freshly painted walls. Also, remember that musical instruments and other antiques should not be steamed or else it might spoil it.

Now that you know the tips and uses of garment steamers, you can buy one for helping you carry out other household chores. This can help you in performing several tasks with single equipment for a healthy home.