You can not create a buzz around your exhibition stand until you design an appealing design of your trade booth. You must use your imagination and think out of the box to design an exhibition stand. A perfect display can create a good first impression on the trade show visitors. Keep in mind that really do count and leave a long-lasting impact on your customer’s mind. No one wants to enter your stand and show interest in your products and services until you design an exhibition stand that is appealing. Or, we can say that with the good design you can win half the battle. Poor visual appeal can drive away your potential customers and they will never come back to your stand. You can contact professionals like stand designers UK.

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Are you looking for tips and tricks to increase your profit rate?

Here, in this article, we will discuss all the strategies to catch the attention of potential customers and increase the Return On Investment (ROI).

1. Make A List Of Your Goals

All exhibitors participating in the trade show with some objectives. Therefore, your stand should be designed in such a way that it helps in achieving your goals. First of all, make a list of your objectives and keep these goals in your mind throughout the design process.

If your stand fails to convey the right message to the audience then your efforts will go in vain. Stand design must represent your organization’s image, values, and product or service features. Moreover, you should also reflect your brand position through your design. The exhibition display ideas should be according to your goals.

exhibition stands wow space

2. Know Your Potential Customers

When designing your bespoke exhibition stand, always keep your potential audiences in mind in order to focus your concept according to their wants and needs. No matter how creative is your stand if it fails to attract the customers who are willing to purchase your products and services.

3. Optimum Space Use

You should contact the organizer before building the exhibition stand and ask for your space dimensions. As the space allocated on the event floor is limited, therefore, your stand size should be according to the precise dimension. You should completely use the space! Be sure to capitalize on this height if it is allowed, as it will help you rise above (literally!) from your competitors.

4. Take Advantage Of High ceilings

If you can not extend the width then you can go taller. High exhibition stands can be easily recognized. Make sure that there would be no physical barriers between the flow of the display area and the trade show audience. Also, try to keep meeting areas to the back of your booth.

5. Persuasive Text

Make sure your wording is as succinct as possible. Remember. Don’t write lengthy paragraphs if you can convey your message with few words. Action verbs can drive the attention of your potential customers towards your stands. You can also write about offers you are giving right now on your products. Good offers and discounts can create a buzz around your booth.

Use fonts that are large and clear enough to be seen from a distance (and of course in line with your brand image). If you want that your text is visible to all even to the distant people in the trade show floor then place this text on the top half of your exhibit stand.

6. Alluring Graphics

The old adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words” is highly relevant in the design of exhibits. Using the right images can help convey complex ideas quickly and effectively without the need for reams of text.

Images that are life-sized can be especially powerful. You should use those images that can trigger the interest of the potential audience. Therefore, while using the graphics keep your audience in your mind. Never forget to use your company logo and represent your brand identity. The size of your graphics also matters along with their position on your stand. Choose the location for graphics that can be seen well from a distance and are not obscured.

7. Lighting

Adding lighting to your display is not a luxury. Rather, it is an effective method to help you increase traffic and ensure your message is clearly expressed.