Bridging visa A is a special class of visa it helps you keep in Australia even though your current visa is going to expire and a new visa is under process.
The only factor required before applying for this visa is that you simply need to apply for this before your substantive visa is terminated. you can not leave Australia if you’re bridging visa A holder.

Why we need to apply for a bridging visa:-

Bridging visa works sort of a bridge between this visa and visa that is in process mode. If you don’t apply for the bridging visa you become an unlawful national for a period until your next visa arrives and being an unlawful citizen you’ll face some serious problems like:-

If you’re a permanent resident visa holder soon and if you would like to avail Australian national ship you can not do that as you are an unlawful citizen for a particular amount of time.
If your next visa application is rejected and you leave the country and you apply for alternative visas from outside Australia you will face the exclusion period.

Visa requirements:-

There is some visa that you don’t need to apply for bridging visa subclass 010 severally. the necessities for such a visa is as follow:-

  • Applicant should be in Australia once applying for Bridging Visa A
  • The applicant should be applied for a substantive visa before applying for a bridging visa A.
  • The applicant should hold un-expired current visa before applying for this visa.
  • You can apply for BVA separately if you have successfully applied for a substantive visa if,
    1. You get bridging visa A or bridging visa B however that visa doesn’t permit you to work in Australia and you’re financially weak and want to work.
    2. You hold a BVA or BVB, however, your substantive visa application is rejected.
    3. You are the holder of bridging visa a or b however because of some problems it got ceased and you’re eligible for bridging visa A.

    Family member inclusion in bridging Visa subclass 010:-

You and your members of the family will submit a bridging visa and substantive visa application together however every family member of yours need to meet their own bridging visa needs. The members of the family include:-

  1. You and your partner
  2. You and your partner dependent kid.
  3. Any other dependent family member.

Benefits and working right of Australia:-
Bridging visa A can assist you to remain in Australia lawfully until your substantive visa application is created.
If your current visa is ceased then it works like your current visa if that visa had working rights then bridging visa A also permits you to work.

You should always consult a migration agent Adelaide for all visa related issues as they will help you in making your visa journey hassle-free.

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