Taking a family vacation in Fort Myers for the Christmas holiday is a wonderful idea. It is important to keep your family in a festive mood. One way to do this is having a Christmas tree in your vacation rental. Carrying a large fresh cut or imitation tree from your home is a costly nuisance. Keep in mind that this tree can be dangerous and some property managers ask for alternatives. You can make a Christmas tree from a variety of materials as you are about to discover below.

String light

When you have limited space in your vacation rental or looking forward to a Christmas tree shining bright as the holiday spirit, string lights are a great choice. This will make the prettiest and cost-effective Christmas tree. You can make the light tree in a size of your choice matching the space available and design it to your liking. Apart from making it with an outline of the Christmas tree, you can include some lights in the interior.

The light Christmas tree will cast a festive and ambient glow in your vacation rental to provide a magical to the holiday season. Materials you need to make this tree include a drill, pinewood, scree, and string lights. You will be able to make a unique but nice looking Christmas tree that will fit your space without any safety concerns.

Wall decals

After making a selection from available vacation rentals on Fort Myers Beach , the next thing is to get your family into a festive mood. After settling in, it is time to get a Christmas tree. Fortunately, you can use wall decals for a Christmas tree without sending a fortune or spending too much time. Sticker decals are available for smooth surfaces, windows, and appliances. You can purchase some online to get your creative streak on and create a beautiful alternative Christmas tree on the wall.

Twine and twigs

Using these is another creative option to make a Christmas tree . All it takes is wrapping it a cone upside down with twine and decorative ribbon to make a Christmas tree. You can make this to match the space available in your vacation rental. Using twigs with different lengths to make a tree-shaped ladder is a rustic approach. You can fix this tree on a wall or window.

Post-it notes

You can make the kids busy as you go about preparing your vacation rental by making them make creative Christmas tree using Post-it notes. The materials required include Post-it notes in different colors, a star, some ornament shaped cards, double shaped tape, and DIY instructions. What makes this alternative Christmas tree stand out is allowing writing on it. Make everyone to write some of their memorable moments of the year on the tree leaves.

Book covers

If members of your family are bookworms, this creative Christmas tree design is a great idea. However, everyone should have carried some books. Making this requires stacking the books and adding ornaments on top to give the tree a holiday feel. After piling the books, you can hang garland and a star on top to make a beautiful centerpiece for your holiday décor.

Advent calendar

With this DIY Christmas tree project, you will get more for less. Apart from creating a wonderful alternative to a regular Christmas tree, you can fill the alternative with chocolate or other sweet items to turn your tree into an advent calendar. The best part of the project is using simple materials such as paper towel rolls, paint, and cardboard. These are cheap to make you save a significant amount for purchasing more gifts.

Pom-pom garland

Another creative way to make a Christmas tree is to use pom-pom garlands. Using this will create a Christmas tree to brighten up your holiday décor. Fortunately, you have a range of colors and designs to make the basic structure of your tree. You can have the tree made entirely from garlands without additional ornaments. With creativity, you will create a great tree to embody vibrant Christmas while saving you a significant amount of money.

Wine cork

The Christmas season is a time for making merry away from the hustle and bustle of your regular lifestyle. This period is filled with enjoying some bottles of wine. Fortunately, you can reuse the wine corks and turn them into a beautiful little Christmas tree. You have to collect the corks and use some DIY instructions and you are ready to go.

Wrapping up

A Christmas holiday in Fort Myers Beach is a wonderful idea. This place has a lot in store for the whole family. After booking a great vacation rental, you have to make your accommodation in a festive mood. You can do this by introducing a Christmas tree. There are various alternative materials highlighted above to create a DIY Christmas tree without spending much.