A full orchestra is without a doubt one of the most beautiful things that can every be heard. The musicians in these orchestras seem to make the music flow from their instruments in a way that captivates and moves the audience, and even the musicians themselves. Making sure that all of the necessary sounds are in an orchestra is a very important thing, and missing a certain sound can throw the sound of the entire ensemble off. One of the most important sounds that is needed in a professional ensemble is the powerful and pristine sound of a trumpet.

There are so many shapes, sizes, makes, models, colors, tones of trumpets. So many companies are competing to get their trumpets known and recognized. One of the companies that has been competing and succeeding has been Besson Trumpets. This company has been around since the year 1837 and has been producing quality baritones, French horns, cornets, trumpets, euphoniums, and tenor horns since. Gustav-Auguste Besson had a dream to create a beautiful sound that was easy to make with top of the line horns. He started his business in 1837 to give the sounds that he had created to the public.

This company offers so many different kinds and models of horns. All of these trumpets are manufactured with the finest materials available, and many of them even have hand spun bells. The bell of this trumpet has craftsmanship that is rivaled only by the best metal shapers, and the materials used to make it cause it to glisten in the light. It stands out among all other horns and brass instruments. The valves of these instruments are carefully crafted to create the correct pitch and sound for any ensemble.

One of the things that has led to the wide success of Besson Trumpets with the general public is the fact that so many iconic stars use them. Trumpet players such as Tamio Yoshida and Marc Dickman have been playing Besson instruments for years. These trumpets have even been recognized and contracted by the European Brass Band Association.  Popular trumpets include the Besson 1000 trumpet, Besson 609 trumpet, and the Besson International trumpet.  Besson Professional Trumpets are sometimes referred to as the French Besson trumpet.

There is no doubt that having a powerful sound in a band or ensemble is what will make or break it. Trumpets are the instruments that can create and emanate this powerful and pristine sound. Without a trumpet in a band, the sound would be very weak and not very pleasing to the audience. Having a Besson Trumpet could be the difference between a successful band and a failure.