A washing machine is a real relief for the laundry. You cannot maintain to do all your daily chores and washing clothes without the device. It feels so fresh to flaunt with clean and creased iron clothes at work, parties or school and college. You achieve a different level of confidence. On the contrary, messy clothes give you all over a lazy and unacceptable feel.

Now, imagine if you have put all your clothes for a wash in the washing machine, and what you get out is the messy clothes full of dirt, hair, and stains. You would feel highly disappointed. Well, it can be merely because of some minor faults in the washer or dryer. 

If it is an issue due to your improper use or some small technical error, you can fix it at home. However, if it is due to some significant fault or damage to the part of the device, you need to seek a professional washer or Dryer Repair service.

How To Know the Fault in Your Washing Machine and Fix It?

Before we start on the repair guide of your washing machine, we must keep in mind the terms of use. If you use the washing machine as per the guidelines, the chances are low that you face any functioning issue in your machine. It can work perfectly for 10 to 12 years. 

Now, if due to any reason you suffer the issue in your device, you shall follow the following tips at home or else call the washer and Dryer Repair service provider. 


  • The Spin Function Does Not Work Efficiently 


Your machine might not spin properly. There can be several reasons for the same. To check the issues, open the cabinet of your washing machine. Just like the causes, the solution to the same problem can be multiple. 

    • Make sure your washer does not have clothes with the excess load. 
    • If the load of the machine is within the desired limits, then spread the clothes evenly to avoid bending of the washer on one side. 
    • The suspension spring of the tub has lost its strength and makes the tub to lose the balance, then it requires the change of the spring. You need to approach the appliance repair service providers near you for the washer and Dryer Repair.
    • The drain pump has a blockage due to the accumulation of clog of dirt or a foreign object. Remove the drain pump and clean it. 


  • The Washing Machine Does Not Switch On:


At times, you do not have to wait to get disappointed after completion of the wash cycle, but you have to face disappointment as you plan for laundry. It is because the washing machine does not switch on at all. The issue can be minor sometimes and can be fixed instantly while at times it requires expert help. Continue to read to get the solution for the problem.

    • The first thing to check before you doubt your washing machine for performance is the Power. Your device does not start because it might not receive the desired power. Check your output with a multimeter. If there is a low voltage change the supply
    • Your lid might not be closed properly. Until and unless the circuit is complete, the washing machine does not start. So, check if your top is covered correctly. 
    • The line of the knob of your timer or the function knob may not align correctly with the instructions. Some machines do not start until the knob is correctly lined up with the function.
    • Last and not least, one of the significant issues to fail the start of the washing machine is motor. The motor might heat up due to heating up after dryer function and may require cooling time before starting up. Turn the power of your washing machine off and allow it to rest for some time. If after thirty minutes also it does not turn on, it is time to call a washer and Dryer Repair technician. 

These are some of the common problems with the washing machine. If you are using a smart electronic device, you must be aware of the basics of its failure and fixing it. Everything is precisely covered in the article. 

If you are unable to troubleshoot the issue, you can directly call the service providers. They charge on an hourly basis and will fix your washing machine issues at an instance. The top service providers visit home for the appliance repair you do not have to visit the service centre for the same.

Final Words:

If either of your washer or dryer is not working, you can call them for the only washer repair or dryer repair. The home services are available even for minor issues. They will diagnose the problem, fix it and charge accordingly.