Dental implants are a procedure invented in 1952 is prominent in dentistry it’s a best option to give a take instead of full mouth denture. Although it is a well known procedure in dentistry that requires having a minor surgery, according to George Pegios it is carried out to replace damaged teeth and roots with artificial roots these are basically titanium implants that lasts for long inside the mouth approximately for 15 to 20 years if cured properly.

Who are the Candidates for Implants?

  • Person missing one or more teeth.
  • Severely damaged tooth because of cavities
  • People follow good oral hygiene
  • Presence of bone in the jaw to support implants
  • People having decent physical health

Dental Implant Procedure Stages

Implant procedure can be divided in stages that wallow with small steps. Let’s begin….

A full Guide on Dental Implant Procedure by George Pegios


In this step patient meet with dentist and undergoes through comprehensive dental examining with X-ray of your mouth. After going to the detailed procedure doctor will recommend a treatment plan that will include everything such as timeframe for everything and do’s and not do’s during recovery process.

Initial consultation is the very first stage of implant procedure.

Placing of Implants

If everything goes well in the initial stage, your next stage would be implant where metal screw will goes deep into the bone. The whole procedure takes approximately 1-2 hours. When you done with implant placement inside your jaw it will take some months to get fully healed. In an approximation lower jaw takes 5 months and upper jaw will get seven months to get healed completely.

What Happens After Implant Surgery?

After the mentioned healing period implants are tested to know whether they are successfully taken up by the surrounding bone. After getting confirmation prosthetic component is connected to the implants through screws. Generally it is called as abutment and its function is to hold the crown.

There are generally two types of crowns your dentist can choose from:

Fixed Crown

It is permanent and are screwed into the abutment or is cemented on these are not like dentures that you can remove to clean. It means these are stable and strongest.

Removable Crown

These are not fixed so we can’t call it permanent; they are mounted on a metal frame that snaps into the abutment and can be removed for daily cleaning.

Potential Risks, Complications and Problems associated with implants

Risks and complications are always there with any surgery when it comes to dental implant surgery there are possibility to have bleeding disorders, infections, allergies and more. Fortunately the success rate of dental implants are very high but still can be failed because of Overloading of Dental Implants, poor positioning of dental implants and  poor bone quality. If one implant surgery goes to failure another chance could be taken on the surgery.

Is Implant Cause Pain?

Implant surgery is carried out under local anesthesia so there are minimal chances to feel pain during the procedure. When the effect of anesthesia worn-off the discomfort will vary in each individual case, usually it’s the same feeling as one have after tooth extraction. You can put ice-pack on your face to reduce the swelling. More severe surgeries require doctor’s prescriptions and medications with complete oral rinses.

Who Can Perform Implant Surgery?

This surgery could be carried out by any licensed dentist who is qualified and must have adequate qualification and experience in the field. If you are in need to have surgery without any complication George Pegios is the surgeon to go for the procedure with.