A woman’s love for jewellery is well-known; you can find so many options out there that are going to leave you spellbound. Gemstones add the spark to the jewellery and ruby is one of the popular choices. It is hard for any woman to resist those pinkish-red jewels. Ruby jewellery is a universal favourite, and perhaps a lot has to do with red colour, which is a symbol of love and passion. This red colour exudes luxury and charm that can enchant anyone. Rubies are indeed one of the most popular gemstones of all time, and it is a dream of every woman to own at least one set of exquisite ruby jewellery. But before you go out and start shopping for ruby jewellery, it is essential to know more about the gemstone.

What should you know about Ruby?

Rubies are formed deep down under the earth at incredibly high temperatures when the corundum mineral gets exposed to chromium oxide in deep crevices of large rocks in the mountain range. Myanmar, Thailand, Australia, and Afghanistan are the leading suppliers of natural rubies.

Facts about Ruby

Before you go ahead and buy ruby jewellery, you must know certain facts about this precious gemstone:

  • The word ruby comes from the Latin word Rubens which means red colour.
  • The ruby stone can vary in tinges of light to dark red and sometimes carry a purplish undertone.
  • This gemstone is known for its durability and hardness which makes it a perfect choice for daily wear.
  • Natural rubies are the most expensive, and it is seen that the ruby jewellery price is consistently on the rise. While the gemstones are breathtakingly beautiful, but they are equally expensive.
  • The pigeon blood red is the most desirable of all rubies, but they are very rare.
  • It’s the birthstone for the people born in the month of July
  • There is also an age old tradition of  gifting ruby on 15th or 40th anniversary

When buying Buy Ruby Jewellery

  • Rubies are expensive and hence it’s important that while buying it, you must always choose a trusted jeweller so that you are assured of the quality and authenticity of the gemstone. The origin of the stone should always be disclosed in the report given by the jeweller.
  • Even though you have found about a trusted jeweller, its important to do your homework and gather knowledge about ruby and differentiate between original and synthetic gemstone. This will save you from being tricked. is possible to create rubies in the laboratory just like many other popular gemstones. The synthetic rubies are an affordable choice.
  • What sets the price of the ruby jewellery is the size, the quality, and the colour of the ruby stones. The large and clearer rubies would cost more than those rubies with inclusions. The most prized rubies carry a blood-red colour and are available in almost every possible shade of red.
  • One of the ways to save yourself from buying fake ruby jewellery is by asking the jeweller to examine the ruby under a loupe. If you notice a cloudy appearance on ruby, it’s a red flag, it might not be an authentic one. Makes sure that there is proper lighting when you are inspecting the gemstone.
  • The cut of ruby also plays an important in ensuring whether the jewellery is durable or not. Firstly, the right cut will ensure that the jewellery looks beautiful, it also impacts how the jewellery will reflect the light, this will add to the shine of the stone. You must know that a poorly cut jewellery will it fragile, it might break under pressure. Usually, the round shape is considered to be the best. A thumb rule to follow here is to choose a stone which has its depth or height 60%-80% of the width.
  • Ask the jeweller about any kind of treatment done to the ruby as most rubies on the market today undergo some form of treatment. Heating the ruby is a common practice in the industry to enhance the colour or clarity of the stone. Glass treatment makes the low-grade rubies to appear as higher-grade.
Ruby Jewellery

Final Call: Once you have examined the ruby stones and are satisfied, you can order the ruby jewellery in any type of metal based on your budget and preferences. Modern, chic ruby designs are often paired with white gold, pick rose or yellow gold, your jeweller will be able to provide you with the right choice of metal and create some staggering design.