A minicab insurance is essential for taxi drivers. Choosing a minicab insurance is not difficult, we have the solution here at minicab Insurance! With Cubit, you can easily make sure you have the right cover to drive your taxi. We offer all the insurance of taxi drivers, be it a car or a private taxi.

If you are driving a Hackney black taxi that can be easily hired on the road, you will need a public minicab insurance. However, if you are driving a taxi that serves only booked passengers, you will want to invest in public minicab insurance.

Insurance for renting public taxis.

Public taxis are easily recognizable and do not require a pre-order. If you are a public taxi driver, make sure you have public taxi hire insurance. Our public minicab insurance company believes that you have flexible working hours so you can find the right minicab insurance.

We offer taxi rental insurance for taxi drivers who work for their own account and are likely to have access to the fares of booked customers in advance. This can be booked by phone or through the app.

To avoid fines or at least withdraw your license, you must complete a private minicab insurance.

Type of insurance.

With so many insurance policies, choosing the cheapest is easy, but not always the best idea! When securing your taxi, make sure you choose the most appropriate policy, taking into account the use of the vehicle. Not all policies allow the use of taxis for recreational purposes. So check your requirements.

Minicab insurance for third parties.

This minicab insurance covers your passengers, material damage and personal injury, but there are restrictions, they do not cover the cost of damage to the vehicle or due to fire or theft.

If your vehicle is involved in an event and you make a mistake.

This is another insurance we have completed with Cubit Insurance. We offer this type of insurance for taxi drivers who seek the same protection as liability insurance but who seek additional protection for their vehicles.

As with liability insurance, you have to pay for any vehicle repairs if you are responsible. However, an external minicab insurance ensures that you are insured if your car is involved in a fire or theft.

Completion of the fence.

If you want to secure your taxi, make sure your vehicle is well protected. Comprehensive minicab insurance is the highest level of insurance we offer here at Cubit Insurance. Ensures that repair and replacement costs are covered. Full insurance also covers damages caused by wind and chips.

If your vehicle is damaged in an accident, you can completely repair your stress-free vehicle. However, we recommend that you use the garage center, which is recommended when you ask for it from your insurance company.