If you are planning a trip to Jammu and Kashmir during monsoons, go ahead a plan the most exciting and refreshing trip to the northern state of India set amidst the magnificent ranges of Himalayas. The Kashmir region attracts the largest number of tourists throughout the summer months rolling into the monsoons till autumn and the beginning of winters. The months from April to October is reckoned as the best time to visit the infinitely charming valleys of Kashmir. The summer months present very pleasant weather but the winter months get really cold. All through the summer months, one can witness the heavenly beautiful green valleys which get covered with magnificent blossoms, The acres of plantations and orchards across the valleys hang heavy with the fragrance of ripened fruits. And then follows the monsoon where one can thoroughly enjoy the pleasant showers while on a trip to this enchanting Paradise on Earth.


Kashmir in monsoon

Kashmir in monsoon is pleasant to visit. Jammu gets moderate rainfall and is quite humid throughout the day. Rains make the evenings cool but humidity keeps the days uncomfortable. But Kashmir does not receive as many showers of rain and hence can be enjoyed much in monsoons.


Kashmir is definitely a year-round destination. You can but plan your Kashmir itinerary depending on the season you are visiting. The summer months that includes the monsoon months from July to September is the season to enjoy before the harsh winters sets in from late October. While you don’t find much snow at lower altitudes, you find plenty on the higher altitudes, however. While the winter season sees mainly the honeymoon couples or the pure enthusiastic tourists who dream of enjoying the snowfall of the peak winters, the monsoon months see tourists of all ages and categories. During these hot wet months, when the plains reel under the excessive humidity and high temperatures and life gets uncomfortable, a trip to these cooler and pleasant valleys of Kashmir is exceptionally refreshing.


Without much snowfall, the actual colors of the valleys can be seen, the verdurous green juxtaposed with the patches of white snow and earthy brown create a surreal beauty. Also, the fruits and flowers that bloom all around add on to the beauty. The weather is suitable for all age groups and Kashmir turns into a bustling hub of nature loving tourists.

Monsoon season by and large starts in the month of July. But rains are not too heavy to cause any alarm.  This is the time to book extended vacations by taking advantage of the off-season offers and attractive deals given by most hotels. Monsoon is the time to take solitary walks across the valleys, meadows, and forests, hear the raindrops splashing on the ground, listen to the rhythmic music of splashing rains and flowing waters. Nature looks washed and the already beautiful and green valleys of Kashmir get a fresh lease of life and becomes a sheer visual treat to the eyes of the wanderers.


What to look out for in Kashmir


The panoramic beauty of Kashmir arises out from the beauty of the snow covered mountain ranges, the green wide stretched meadows and the clear skies glittering with the twinkling stars at night and sporting delicate white clouds at day time. During the monsoons, however, the skies remain covered by bulbous grey clouds at times and that increases the beauty of the natural landscape. Kashmir falls under the category of one of the coldest places on earth. It charms its visitors with breath-taking views.


Kashmir is a paradise alike for relaxed travelers, nature lovers, adventure junkies, peace seekers, and history geeks. Kashmir is also equally popular among honeymoon couples and family visitors, a gang of friends and solo travelers. The land has enough to fascinate each and every traveler’s heart. The mesmerizing lakes such as Dal Lake, the peace, and serenity of towering snow-clad mountains, awe-inspiring scenery of majestic glaciers and gorgeous natural lakes, and holy pilgrimage sites of Vaishno Devi and the Amarnath shrine, the monasteries of Lamayuru and Spituk are definitely some of the highlights of Kashmir trip in monsoon.


Jammu and Kashmir is a prime travel destination of India also because of its scintillating gardens, clear, cool lakes mirroring the skies and a rich range of delicious cuisine.


Some of the ideal place to place in Kashmir can be identified as follows:


  • Gulmarg for its enchanting beauty of snow-capped hills. The extra alluring feature of Gulmarg is the world’s highest golf course situated at a height of 2650 meters above sea level. Gulmarg is the place to be for avid golfers. The scenic beauty of Gulmarg is heightened by the green hills and colorful flowers that are infinitesimally pleasing to senses.


  • Jammu has its share of infinite temples and shrines and a list of spectacular cuisine spread to tantalize all taste buds.


  • Patnitop with its snow-covered hilly vistas and towering pine lined valleys to experience nature in all its glorious greenery.


  • Sonamarg with its full quota of frozen glaciers, beatific flowery fragrant meadows, serene lakes, and the majestic Himalayas.


  • The legendary lakes of Pangong and Tso Moriri with their sparkling, sensational and epic beauty to leave to a visitor is permanent awe.


  • Ladakh, Known as ‘Little Tibet’, is immensely popular among tourists and allures the adventure lovers with sports such as Mountain Biking, Mountain Cycling, and Yak Safaris. The exquisitely beautiful monasteries and lakes that dot the region offer a heavenly scenic beauty.


  • Nubra Valley located in the east of Ladakh valley is a popular honeymoon destination where couples can enjoy bathing in the hot springs and get amazed with the stunning views of the majestic Zanskar and Karakoram Ranges of Himalayas.


A  Kashmir Tour Package in monsoon will surely be worth every penny you spend. Customized packages can be arranged according to preferences. Spend some serene moments with family and friends and explore the hidden treasures of Jammu and Kashmir.