Wikipedia is the worlds’ highly successful online information sharing website. The website is known as one of the largest collection of knowledge that have ever been assembled and is most widely depended upon. Wikipedia can be edited by any individual having access to the internet, however, still the question is if Wikipedia is the most reliable source?

Since Wikipedia is run by the community of volunteers that can generate and sustain surprising and accurate content. However for individual or business taking first step towards Wikipedia can be discouraging, however, here are some of the guidelines from professional Wikipedia writers that can make the whole process of showing up your process run smoothly.

Create an account

Though any visitor can make contributions and edits on Wikipedia, still creating a user account provide several benefits. Initially it provides you privacy and secure connection. Though the critics, contributors with the pseudo names actually have a greater privacy than the ones who make edits in disguise.

A handful of individuals choose to associate the accounts with the real identities, the more you abandon the pseudo names on Wikipedia, the whole edit history will become expose to the indefinite analysis by the critics. Creating an account can help you maintain a history of good edits and it’s better to communicate and cooperate with other if you have earned a reputation. Eventually registering an account offers access to the better editing features such as keeping track of your previously edited articles.

Understand the five basic pillars

There are some extended rules that are related as the five pillars, all the Wikipedia editors are expected to keep up while making contributions on Wikipedia. The most important is Wikipedia is not a publisher of original thought or research where you publish your personal theories and make debates on the controversial issue. Considering this Wikipedia is different from other media means such as blogs that permits editorializing. Making contributions on Wikipedia is something that is entertaining and a natural extension for the zeal to gain knowledge. However, the difference of opinion can take place that is unavoidable specifically on pages for discussion for improving the quality of the articles. Make sure you treat the editors as the collaborators and sustain a respectful and civil manner even when disagreed. And if you find some interaction on your nerves it’s better to sign-out. The best part is that Wikipedia has no deadlines.

 Stay confident but not aggressive

The growth and sustenance of Wikipedia needs participation. Wikipedia is unparalleled in size, however its progressing success is based on the steady contributions of thousands of volunteers. Hence Wikipedia encourages users to be confident so that if they spot an error make corrections to it. If you can make improvements to the article feel free.

It’s crucial though to differ confidence and aggression. Initiate with small contributions start by making minor modifications to the pre published article before you make an attempt to rewrite the history.   Several new editors feel overwhelmed about making contribution to Wikipedia initially fearing that they may make errors such hesitation is understandable however, baseless.  The worst of all that can happen is that your initial edits if seen not as an improvement it might get delete. If this appears, treat this as the positive learning experience and discuss with the deleting editor.

Keep track of your viewers

Wikipedia doesn’t focus on the experts, hence the level of technicality in the articles need to be balanced opposing the ability of the non-experts to understand the technicalities. It’s astonishingly challenging deliver the most complicated ideas in an accessible and jargon free manner. Though it’s worth the striving.

Do not violate the copyright

With the specific conditions nearly all of the Wikipedia content is free to be copied adapted and distributed. Resultantly it doesn’t accept the free material with the copyright restrictions. Some journals are compatible with the use in Wikipedia however some are no.

It might be tempting to avoid the copying the text and figures from the latest reviews in the Wikipedia it can be quickly identified as the copyright violation and immediately taken down. You can take Wikipedia permission to make use of your own material however, the process is non-reversible and take a huge amount of time. It’s better to contribute to the text in easy language and place images that are more accessible.

Cite as much as possible

To earn the highest quality in your article, Wikipedia has a severe inclusion policy that asks for the verifiability. This can be well maintained by attributing every statement in Wikipedia for a reliable and independent source. By offering direct links to the reliable and easily verifiable sources with your citations so the Wikipedia volunteer community can quickly verify it and the viewers can have quick access to the sources that discuss the topic in depth?