SEO is the process of structuring a web page so that it is found, read, and indexed by search engines in the most effective manner possible. This makes your web site and content attractive, relevant and visible to search engines and web searchers. Understanding SEO is important to use it efficiently to get traffic and brand awareness among all.

Many people around this globe might be searching for some information or query. They might be looking up for some content just similar to yours. You can help them with your exceptional SEO skills. To stay on top above all SEO you need to come up with some solid research and experimentation. Google is a very versatile platform which is persistently updating so it’s important to stay tuned and linked to all the news and upcoming updates. With all the information you have gathered, and the skills, you can become an SEO expert.

Every other day more than a million of people uses google as a searching platform. 78% of people use the web to research products and services before buying anything. Once your website begins to reach in the first pages of Google’s search results you will actually get more visible and you will see a good amount of people will visit your site. The increase in traffic means more visits to your site and the ultimate increase in revenue. Here are few of the advanced SEO techniques to double your search traffic:


Auditing is a smart way to get the idea of where you are lacking. It can show a true image of your site that if you are not getting enough traffic or sales then what could be the reason behind it.

In financial accounting, the term ‘auditing’ means a thorough examination of mistakes or errors in your data entered. In SEO auditing means the art of examining the details and values you skipped to reach your scale.  A practice of auditing can help you meet your desired goals. Somehow, this may not sound like an advanced SEO technique to you but you would be surprised to know that how many other websites lack in basic SEO, or in homepages, basic formats, optimizing the call to action or animated videos. If you wanted to reach the top then you must begin with proper auditing and researching.


Word count seems like a bunch of sticks, easy to carry but it actually is not very easy. You have to come up with some strong hold on your word count. If you serve your site with blogs and articles comprising of 300 or 450 words then you can’t meet your desire to be on the top page. There have been numerous studies and experiments on the relationship between content length and search engine ranking. The ultimate conclusion said if you post content above 1500+ words then it will get maximum shares and double amount of visits on the site than usual. Whereas your word count stays below 1500 words then you can find fewer shares and visit on your page.

Well, it’s not about the length all the time. Quality also matters over quantity but that is more like once in a blue moon. To overcome such issues you have to start highlighting the details and focus more on the matter of the content you are posting on your site. Consistently publishing informative content over 1500 words will yield big returns in organic search traffic.


Creativity is the ability to do something useful and innovative. The sense of creativity reflects your style. If your site is new and you found it difficult to promote your page or your content then you must look up for the other social platforms that can help you reach your desired rank. If you have a blogging site then promoting your site on Facebook and Twitter can help you somehow but if you use a platform similar to your work like Quora or Wikipedia then you can get relevant shares and views. If you have something like Pinterest than Instagram, Facebook or Tinder will help you get there.

All it requires is just proper searching and knowledge. You can look up for more ideas and techs on Vidnado.