In its simplicity, a generator is a piece of portable equipment, consisting of an engine and an alternator / electric generator, which are used to provide energy. Generators are frequently used in growing areas and other areas are not connected to the power grid; Places where lightning is frequent and/or where an outage can cause particularly significant or dangerous problems, such as deep in a mine. They can serve as the main source of energy or as a corresponding power source, perhaps during peak usage hours. Well if you do not know what is a generator, has advantages and its uses, don’t worry you can learn all about it in this blog as well as you are planning to buy a new generator so that more Visit our EO Energy website to get information about generators.

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What is a Generator

It is a combination of electrical devices used to produce or generate electric power. A generator is an arbitrary engine that generates electric power. Generators convert electrical energy into building energy as an output.

A generator is used to supply mechanical energy in the form of an external power circuit to accelerate the electric pulse in the winding wire.

Generators are used in a developing area where an electricity link is unavailable or there is less power. Generators are the best way to provide electricity in deep areas such as quarries or underground construction areas. The generator acts as the main source of energy there or you can say an alternative power source during high usage during working hours.

The Advantage of Diesel Generator

  • One of the advantages of a diesel generator is that since the diesel engine operates on the principle of self-ignition, it creates less violent pressure changes than a spark-ignited gasoline engine. In addition, diesel fuel has a high flash-point that results in reduced explosions or fires.
  • Since only air is compressed in internal combustion engines, less diesel is required than petrol, in which both air and petrol are compressed. Therefore it scores high on fuel efficiency. In addition, fuel wastage is lower than other fuel engines. For the same kWh of electricity produced, the cost of diesel engine fuel is about 40% less than that of gas engines.
  • Diesel generators have a shelf life and low performing costs if maintained regularly.
  • Diesel generators have fewer resources parts due to their simpler construction than gasoline generators.
  • Diesel is less expensive than petrol and hence it is commercially economical and viable.
  • The diesel generator is stable and can oppose heavy loads.
  • They can run a load for long periods and are less likely to break down.

Types of Diesel Generators

Diesel generators are available in different sizes, models, and designs that are manufactured by many companies. So before buying a diesel generator, here are different types you should know about:

  1. Industrial or Residential – Industrial generators are usually large in size and can provide a great deal of electricity in the long run. As the name suggests, they are commonly used in industries where electricity demand is high. On the other hand, residential generators are small in size and provide electricity to a specific extent. They are ideal for use in homes, small shops, and offices.
  2. Air-cooled or water-cooled – Air-cooled generators rely on air to provide a cooling function for generators. There is no spare part, except for the air intake system only. Water-cooled generators rely on water for cooling and include a separate system to achieve this function. Water-cooled generators require more maintenance than air-cooled generators.
  3. Power Output – The power output range of a diesel generator is very wide and can be classified accordingly. A 3 KVA diesel generator can be used to operate power tools or equipment such as AC, computers, multiple roof fans, etc. These are suitable for use in small offices, shops, and homes. Whereas the diesel generator of 2000 KVA would be suitable for use in large industries or places with high power demand.


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