All You Should Know About Applying For A Visa

Travel abroad comes with various opportunities regardless of purpose. However, the process requires doing enough preparation for legal entry and stay in another country. You need to keep important documents handy including a passport. This should have the appropriate visa for the country you wish to visit. Let’s give you insights on how to apply for a visa.

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Understanding a visa

A visa is a legal document granting permission to a foreign country for a variety of purposes including employment, tourism, visitation, and business. Visas are classified into various categories according to the process of acquisition including:

  • Pre-approved visa
  • Electronic visa (e-visa)
  • Visa on Arrival (VOA)

The e-visa is applied for online while the VOA is usually delivered at the host country airport. The pre-approved visa is acquired before you travel. Other visas are classified according to purpose including employment visa, family visa, business visa, and visit visa. However, success in obtaining the appropriate visa requires having attested documents.

Benefits of a visa

You have already realized that a visa is a legal document giving you legal access to stay in a foreign country for purposes including study, employment, tourism, and business. It is virtually impossible to live in a foreign country without having an appropriate visa. Living without a visa in another country is only possible if the host country doesn’t require a visa. Among the various requirements that increase chances of getting a visa is birth certificate attestation in UAE. This authenticates the birth certificate to show proof of your nationality and age.

Countries that usually don’t ask for a visa from foreigners have a mutual understanding between them. This allows citizens from those states to move freely to and fro. Countries that require visas enforce certificate attestation to very documents from other countries. The process requires moving to various offices costing time and money. Luckily, you can entrust the services of a reputable attestation agency to handle the process on your behalf.

How to apply for a visa

To apply for an appropriate UAE visa requires understanding the various requirements. These should be strictly adhered to increase chances of successful application. Holding a passport from your country of origin is the most essential requirement before you can apply for a visa. Additionally, your passport should be valid for a minimum of 6 months.

When applying for the visa you have to mention the purpose of wishing to travel to that particular country. This should be backed by relevant documents stipulated in the visa guidelines. Submitting documents with false information will lead to rejection of your visa application. For extreme cases involving criminal activity, there is a risk of getting a permanent ban from stepping on that country soil. The rule of thumb is to always submit documents with correct information.

Getting documents attested

You have to understand the process of getting your documents attested. After understanding the required documents to submit to for the appropriate visa matching your purpose for the travel, you have to get them attested. Attestation is a process of verifying the authenticity of your documents before submission for visa application. After attestation, the documents should bear the seal of the verifying authority. Keep in mind to submit original documents for attestation.

Some of the most common documents that require attestation for travel include:

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Degree certificate
  • Divorce certificate
  • Child travel consent form

Getting these documents avoids visa rejections and difficulties at the airport of a foreign country . It becomes so easy for local authorities to verify the originality of your documents to grant you the appropriate visa.

Types of document attestation

State attestation

Particular documents require a different attestation process. Documents including educational certificates require state attestation handled by the relevant state education department. Personal documents are attested by the general administration department. Afterward, your documents require verification by the ministry of external affairs.

Ministry of external affairs attestation

Documents that require attestation from the ministry of external affairs get certified and an appropriate stamp placed. This is proof that the documents are verified. After the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) attestation, the documents have to undergo embassy attestation. Documents have to undergo ministry of external affairs attestation before undergoing embassy attestation.

Embassy attestation

Done after MEA attestation, embassy attestation is handled by the respective embassy of the country you wish to travel to. In case errors are discovered on your documents, re-verification might be required to prove the authenticity of your documents. To avoid this hassle you can always contact a professional attestation agency. This will have the experience and understanding of the rules and regulations regarding getting your documents attested for the country you wish to travel to.


When applying for a UAE visa, you can trust the services of a professional attestation agency to prepare your documents. This will know the best way to make your documents attested to ensure that your visa application is successful.