Amazing Things To Do On Your Trip To Ladakh

Ladakh is probably on the travel itinerary of all of us. This land can boast about it’s out of the world pretty lakes, landscapes, and gorgeous setting. This destination is a top hit in the list of travellers across the globe. The highest motorable road-umping La road is also in Ladakh and it takes pride in being home for it. Besides this, there is a list of things that you can do during your stay in Ladakh. It attracts many tourists round the year. From taking a nature walk to exploring the umpteen monasteries, camping, and trekking, etc; the list is long. This write-up will give you a list of things that you should not miss out if you are going to Ladakh on a trip. Have a look!

Listed below are the amazing things to do on your trip to Ladakh:

Take a tour of Zanskar Valley:

Through most of your trip to Ladakh, the large mountain ranges of Zanskar will be your companion. They might be intimidating at times. These mountains are so huge that it can make anyone small. The key for the traveller is to enjoy the ultimate beauty that the mountain has to offer. The steep mountains which are covered with snow reflect the heavenly sky. You will find loud rivers rushing through the mountains which makes an absolute combination of sound and view. One interesting fact about this destination is the echo point.

Admire the beauty of the Pangong Tso Lake:

Remember the breathtaking lake from 3 Idiots? It is Pangong Tso Lake which traverses the international boundary stretch from Bhutan to Indian. It offers a perfect site for camping and is the current hotspot for people planning their trip to Ladakh. This late does not allow boating but if you are brave enough you can go for ice skate at the bank of the lake.

Rejuvenate and relax by the stunning Tso Moriri Lake:

This place seems like a canvas painted with a blue-green mountain with white top and blue-white skies. Here you will witness lush green pastures and calm blue water. What can be better than this? Though this lake is not as famous as Pangong Tso Lake, it is a must-visit in Ladakh. You will love the serenity here and won’t feel like going back.

Thrilling Chadar Treck:

This is known for trekking over a frozen river. You can take a trek here in November when the river is completely frozen. In the rest of the months, it becomes quite risky. Your trip to Ladakh is considered incomplete without a trek here.

Drive at Khardung La Pass:


It might not look like a road but it is the best here. This pass is the gateway to the North and it is a much-loved tourist spot. However, being at such a height one will have to take care of their health or else anything may happen.

Bask in the beauty of Nubra Valley:

When you plan a trip to Ladakh desert is the last thing that you might have expected but Ladakh has a desert too for your surprise. The dunes in Nubra Valley will give you more of an Arabian Night experience. You will also find the two-humped camels in this region and are the highlights of the Ladakh trip. The origin of the desert is Tethys Sea from where the Himalayas have risen.

Witness antigravity at Magnetic Hill:

The science behind this is phenomenon is not known yet. There, if you leave your vehicle at the base without locking the brakes, it moves uphill gradually on its own. This is going to make your trip to Ladakhmemorable.

Trek up to Spituk Monastery:

Ladakh is rightly said to be the land of monasteries and monks. Spituk is one of the monasteries in the region. This location is quite famous for craved location at the hilltop. It is surrounded by much taller mountains, it isn’t a vantage point but it looks pretty from the monastery. The wind here will chill you to the bones.

Namgyal Tsemo Monastery for witnessing Tibetan culture:

Namgyal Monastery particularly famous for the Buddha statue hosted there. Dalai Lama himself has visited this monastery. Buddhism enthusiasts and Monks hail from all over the world to spend time here. Like in most of the monasteries in Ladakh, it allows the volunteers to help with the daily chores and can also enjoy a few peaceful days here.

Enjoy the masked parade of Hemis Monastery:

It is the biggest monastery in Ladakh and the Hemis masked parade which takes place in July is visited by a large number of people across India. This parade is the highlight of the festival. It is believed to be the sacred ritual here. On the 10th day of Tse Chu every year this parade ritual is held followed by the birth anniversary of Guru Padmasambhava who is believed to be the reincarnation of Lord Buddha.

Stargazing from the Lamayuru Monastery:

Ever wondered why the sky looks that beautiful when seen in a movie screen but not from your window? Here you can experience the best star gazing night in the lap of nature completely away from the hustle of the city. To as to experience this you need to sync your Ladakh trip with the shooting stars time in this area.

After going through this write up you will feel like packing-up your bags right away and moving to this place with scenic beauty.