Don’t be furious if you’re unable to login the AOL account. It happens sometimes due to several reasons such as poor or fluctuating internet connection as not always the login process went wrong. Before coming to any conclusion, make sure that the internet server and computer responding properly. AOL is also known as America Online which is one of a largest internet and web mail service portal company in the United States. Most of the times due to unawareness or lack of knowledge about the AOL account terms & condition – AOL users faces various tech hassles. One such trouble is when users forgot AOL password or notice that the account is been compromised. In both the condition, AOL users are suggested to connect with the AOL Customer Support Phone Number.

AOL Password Recovery
There are three modes with which AOL customers can reset AOL password: –
1. Registered Mobile Number
2. Registered Email Address
3. AOL Account Security Question
In this blog, we are going to educate AOL customers about the process to change AOL password manually one-by-one by each mode.
Mode1: Registered Mobile Number
See the instructions to recover AOL password via mobile: –
1. Open the web browser and go to the AOL Login page.
2. Type in the ‘Username’ or ‘Phone Number’ entered by you earlier while creating the AOL account.
3. Later, hit on the “Next” icon under the ‘Username’ or ‘Phone Number’ option.
4. This redirect AOL user to a page where users have to enter the password associated with the account.
5. To recover the password, click on the “I forgot my password” link under the “Sign in” option.
6. A new page will pop-up with an option to provide mobile number. Enter the mobile number and click on the “Yes, text me a verification code” icon.
7. This action will sent a verification code to the user on mobile via SMS.
8. Afterward, type the verification code and press the “Continue” icon.
9. This will prompt user to a new page to enter new desired password and then, re-enter it for confirmation.
10. Finally, click on the “Save” icon to store the account modifications. For any discrepancy while performing these systematic steps – reach to the AOL Customer Support Number.
Mode2: Registered Email Address
If users don’t remember the mobile phone number then, user can also utilize the Gmail account associated with it. Here are the steps with which AOL customers can recover the account using the email address: –
1. Select the “I don’t have access to this number” link under the “Yes, text me verification code” icon.
2. Choose the “Email verification code to my recovery email address” option.
3. Hit on the “Next” icon. A verification link will arrive at your associated email address.
4. Utilize this verification link to recover the password.
5. Finally, enter a new desired password & click on the “Save” icon.
Mode3: AOL Account Security Question
Another way to recover the AOL password is – AOL Account Security Question. In the beginning, AOL customers must have created or setup a security question with an answer. Remember & provide the correct answer again to verify that you’re a rightful owner of the account. This will enable the user to setup a new password for the AOL email account.
By using the above-shown mode, AOL users can change the AOL email account password swiftly. If you need instant help or support for the AOL password recovery or AOL Email Down problem – contact the AOL Customer Support Phone Number right away.