Multisensory techniques are not meant only for reading purposes but also it is used to solve various academic problems. Before knowing how we can make use of multisensory techniques in education lets understand what is the meaning of multisensory techniques?

What are multisensory techniques?

It is a technique which use all the senses of a human to foster the process of learning. The human use all his senses such as touch, taste, hear, sight, smell so that the subject could be made easily understandable to him or her.

In the current era, multisensory techniques in education hold great importance. The students who find trouble with math subject are taught math using the multisensory instructions. Also, there are some best websites online which provide knowledge on multisensory techniques. Students take help from these websites to burgeon their knowledge about Math. One of the best sources which can help the students in fostering their math skills is Assignment help Australia. The use of touch, taste, sight, smell and hear make it easier to interpret the symbols and numbers. Let’s see what are the best multisensory techniques for learning math.

1. Learning with colored tubes and tiles – Tubes and tiles are a great way of learning various concepts of Math. The students can learn to count, measuring things, subtraction easily. Also, teachers feel easy teaching math to kids with the help of these techniques. Tiles work great in teaching patterns and shapes to kids. The teacher can simply make a stack of tubes and tiles in ascending numbers like building the pyramid of 2 tiles, then 4 tiles and then 6 tiles. After that, she can ask the child to build the further stacks and find out the connection between all these stacks.

2. Beads and cereals – With the help of beads and cereals, the students can learn the concept of multiplication and higher number ranges. Beads and cereals work as manipulatives for kids and with the help of which kids can have a comprehensive understanding of different math operations.

3. Tapping numbers – It is a sort of game for the kids. Like the students are made to sit in a circle and they are asked to start counting. Suppose the teacher has asked the students to tap out loud while speaking the multiples of 4. Then as the counting goes on, each student will say a number and while speaking the multiples of 4, they will tap along with hands. This technique is full of entertainment and enthusiasm for kids and students love it.

4. Drawing technique – This is the next good step to simplify the mathematical problems. If the students are not able to understand the concepts of multiplication and division by the conventional way, then drawing technique will help a lot. In this technique, the teacher asks the students to solve the multiplication problem say 2*4. Then the students will draw out 2 groups of 4 apples. Another thing the students can do is coloring the 2 rows of 4 squares.

5. Connecting Math with music – There are various ways how students can connect math with music. Kids can make use of music to learn different mathematical algorithms and rules. Also, the teacher can play a note on the keyboard. if the teacher will hold the note on the keyboard, then it will be considered as the whole note. The teachers can ask the students about how many quarters were played in a whole note? By playing these musical notes, the kids can learn how to do grouping and also, they will learn the concept of fractions.

6. Working movement with Math – This is the best way out for students to retain the knowledge they gained. A teacher will write numbers on any of the moving objects say a ball. Then the teacher will pass the ball to the student one by one. When the student will catch the ball, he would perform a mathematical task based on the two numbers on which his hands will land on.

7. Pizza slices – Pizza slices is a fun source of teaching mathematical concepts to kids. One of the best mathematical techniques the kids can learn from Pizza slices is Fractions. As the pizza is divided into sections, the teachers will make the pizza on construction papers and will cut it into the fractions. The students will be asked to analyze the fractions and write on their notebooks say 1/8th or 1/4th. The students will use different colors for different sizes of pizza slices. In this way, they will also get to know how to match the slices as per different fractions.

There are several other multisensory techniques which the teachers use to make the academic concept easier and more understandable to kids. Experts always recommend using these multisensory way outs for the students who are weak in studies or to teach the students with various disabilities.