As an employee in most companies, you can avail the benefits of various kinds. Some provide perks of flexibility, some travel conveniences, cafeteria, and others. At Bajaj, you can avail the benefits of wide and extensive financial acumen which are open to not just customers but also employees.

Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits

Bajaj Finance, the foremost financial subsidiary of Bajaj Group offers company fixed deposits which can also be availed by employees. It is a fixed deposit with many superior features to a bank FD and you can go an FD at a special rate owing to your rights as an employee.

  • High interest rates with Bajaj Finance FD – Anyone looking for the safety of an FD but with higher interest rates can easily fall back on Bajaj Finance FDs. An interest rate of 8.60% is being offered to a new customer with an additional 0.25% to a Bajaj employee. Senior citizens can avail 8.95% and all returning customers can easily get 0.10% additional rates. These are some of the highest interest rates in the market.
  • Earn 53% Return on Investment (ROI) – With Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit rates in 2019, you can easily lock in your hard -earned money for 5 years and earn the best ROI. As the following table demonstrates, as an employee, you can easily look forward to a high ROI of 53% which is unlike any other investment – assured and safe.
Investor Type Interest rates Principal Amount Tenor Interest Earnings ROI
New customer 8.6% ₹5 lakhs 5 years ₹2,55,299 51%
Senior citizens 8.95% ₹5 lakhs 5 years ₹2,67,549 54%
Bajaj Employee 8.85% ₹5 lakhs 5 years ₹2,64,033 53%
  • Cumulative and noncumulative FD– As an employee, you can look at augmenting your income monthly with a payout from the FDs. This can be used to supplement other investments. This is possible with the non-cumulative option which will pay out at your chosen interval of time – monthly, quarterly or half-yearly.

A cumulative option will payout at the time of maturity and keep earning interest on interest which can be a great way to multiply a corpus.

  • Ease of investing – You can easily invest online by submitting various documentation and with an employee ID determine your increased interest rate. An Online FD Return Calculator is present to allow you to seek your maturity amounts on various tenors.
  • Laddering – If you are unsure about your financial goals, you can sequentially invest in multiple FDs with a maturity tenor in a continuous stream. This will help you gain a payment from FDs which can be used in any nearby goals. You can plan these maturities over a period of 5 years to meet specific goals as well.
  • High guarantee – As an employee, you understand the safety and credibility the Bajaj name holds. The FDs are assessed by rating agencies on a continuous basis and Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits boast of MAAA (stable) rating from ICRA and FAAA (stable) from CRISIL. These are highly regarded and as safe and sound as a bank FD.

Thus, as an employee, you can invest in Fixed Deposits with Bajaj Finance with your income stream and bonuses to plan a fruitful and successful portfolio of investments to meet your goals.