Women are also sometimes facing sexual dysfunction, these problems can occur at any age and it can be extremely stressful for you to deal with this problem.

Women sexual disorder can be the cause of several emotional and physiological problems. You need to take treatment at time to resolve this problem; otherwise it can destroy your married life. You have a multiple approach to concert a best sexologist like Dr. Vinod Raina.

Symptoms of female sexual dysfunction

There are a few common symptoms of female sexual dysfunction

  • Low libido or low of interest in sex
  • Not able to maintain an arousal despite interest in sex
  • Facing difficulty in achieving an orgasm
  • Getting an extreme level of pain with vaginal contact or any form of sexual intercourse

Causes of female sexual dysfunction

There are a number of causes of sexual dysfunction in females. The some common causes are:

  • Previous medical conditions such as bladder issues, surgery, kidney failure, heart disease or multiple sclerosis, and many more
  • Medication including antidepressants, blood pressure medicines and antihistamines.
  • Thin vaginal lining or increased elasticity is common, especially in those women who are not sexually active
  • Cultural beliefs
  • If you are facing the problem in body image, it also plays an important role to low interest in intercourse
  • If you or your partner have any history of sexual abuse or any other unpleasant experience with respect to sex
  • Depression, stress, and anxiety are the common cause of female sexual disorder. Many women are getting great anxiety at the thought of becoming pregnant, which makes them less interest in sex.


Dr. Vinod Raina is providing one of the best treatments for female sexual disorder through medicine or another way to discuss their problem and provide a suitable suggestion. If, you are suffering from such a problem and able to share your problem with anyone or getting hesitation, just pick your phone and give a call to Best Sexologist in Delhi: 0000 and rid out your problem and enjoy your sex life.

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