Various technologies are being introduced in different fields. The experts are trying to hunt various new avenues to make the process simpler and effective as well better than before. Artificial intelligence is the latest among all the technologies offered until now. In this technology, the machines are processed as to think like human beings, and when necessary, it takes action when required.

Artificial intelligence has come up to take up actions by the machines that were supposed to be performed by human interventions. The machine in this looks after the complication that may arise future as well takes prompt action to resolve the same; its actions do not hamper the process as well as acts like a human being.

The area and utility (Healthcare):

There are many areas in which artificial intelligence technology is being used nowadays, and one of them is the healthcare industry. Artificial intelligence enables a machine to adjust, learn and respond to inputs and react as human-like decisions. Artificial intelligence in healthcare industry is surely making its way in the field of medicine. The passing of an image through the scanner in the hospital that will perform a medical examination is a better example of the use of artificial intelligence where there is no human physician in sight.

Increase in the diseases and population the need for assessment of the disease management arises so as to handle the overall burden. The government, healthcare professionals, healthcare institutions are looking for innovative methods to do so. Artificial intelligence will help in the prevention as well as early detection of various diseases by analyzing various patients. It also makes it possible to access data from various patients. It will also help in the modification in the treatment by providing better knowledge about the patient’s case.


Artificial intelligence in the health industry can impact the country to a great level as the country is facing a health crisis at regular levels due to growth in diseases as well as a poor doctor-patient ratio. To bridge the gap, the most powerful tool with us is the internet and the increased use of the same by the people. With a combination of technologies like artificial intelligence in addition to the internet of things will provide new healthcare solutions.

The challenges in healthcare sectors today are prevention and treatments of disease such as diabetic, cancer and heart diseases. The solution to these problems can be achieved with the help of artificial intelligence. AI helps in the decentralization of the testing and diagnosing with the help of AI with the use of diagnostic technology. The diagnosis can occur in very short duration with a high level of accuracy that too with a low cost.

There are wide areas in which AI can play an important role in the diagnosis, prevention as well as treatment of various diseases. The use of advanced technologies helps in the enhancement of productivity and an overall improvement in healthcare. The present and future challenges regarding health issues and various diseases can be overcome with the help of and the use of AI in the country at a better level. The changes in technology will always bring positive changes in healthcare solutions.