Amazon is not a retailer, but a cloud-based company that targets scalable vertical enterprises. The genius of the reincarnation of Microsoft was Azure and the Cloud, but AWS is at the forefront.

AWS is not just a leading cloud but dominates it

The AWS conference, newly invented last week in Las Vegas, gave us lots of interesting details on the progress of AWS, Amazon’s cloud unit. Companies have been relying on AWS for a number of years when it comes to larger orders. This means that AWS grows more than 40% year-on-year. It’s already Amazon’s Cash Cow that promotes innovation in low-margin areas.

AWS also starts with a satellite connection service into space. By now, AWS is about twice the size of Salesforce and is growing faster. Not only will Amazon be the market leader in the cloud, but it will also be the exponential technology that has adapted first, not just like an innovator. We find here that Amazon is now the best blockchain solution as a service, even in the cloud.

Analysts like myself are very likely to subscribe to Amazon Prime Health soon. In fact, Division 1492 for Stealth Health is expanding well. Alexa can now even play Apple Music, which makes Apple’s HomePod as useless as we thought. I am confident that by 2019 Amazon will divest a significant portion of its advertising from Google and Facebook. Consumers are much more likely to visit Amazon and show ads than Facebook or even Instagram.

AWS advance on Microsoft Azure is also bigger than it seems. Indeed, AWS signs both additional contracts and much larger contracts. AWS hits Azure JEDI is really just the beginning of a new era of cloud dominance. I think that over time the second player will be Alibaba and not Microsoft, but it takes time.

AWS has matured and is becoming increasingly popular with businesses of all sizes with lucrative multi-year contracts and initial commitments that are generally favored by corporate customers in general. The wealth of AWS features in all industries fits perfectly in the banking and healthcare sectors. Health, food, and e-commerce are just some of the key factors that make up Amazon. But obviously, the cloud is fundamental.

To understand what’s still happening at AWS, think about it: $ 17.8 billion in the last quarter, compared to $ 16 billion in the second quarter and $ 12.4 billion in the first quarter. AWS is more or less the core of what Amazon is and represents. The wheel of what an American company can become. This goes beyond Google’s automatic learning or the short-lived greed of Facebook or Apple. It’s a different kind of society. Microsoft has diversified its business model, but even its appearance is rigid compared to Amazon’s strange ability to position itself vertically and disrupt its inventory.

The future of big deals and deeper functions

For AWS, it is a paradigm of innovation where nothing can be considered “out of range”. Depending on the number of people you are looking for, the market grew by 50% as it continues its unprecedented expansion – not just growth, but a deepening of its functionality. It is this depth that makes its competitors like the past – IBM, Oracle and other names that you simply can not trust.

According to CNBC, AWS’s major contracts for Gartner customers range from 5 to 15 million, more than 30 million contracts now. This allows AWS to consolidate and grow faster than the competition. While Amazon Video discusses Netflix, Disney, Apple, and others in their original content, Amazon expects that Amazon will offer Amazon Prime Health, then to the bank their offering of services. These will give consumers’ data 360 degrees but will offer dramatic improvements in these health and financial services, not just consumer convenience.

To give you a breathtaking view, AWS 2017 has announced 1400 amazing new features. Overall, Amazon is well positioned in terms of acquisitions, artificial intelligence, and smart home. A $ 25 Smart Plug can turn any home into a smart home. Your fleet of hardware gadgets seems neat (though still a bit overpriced). As you may know, Alexa’s abilities are already deep enough. With Apple Music, we still seem to be one step ahead of Google Home, although I much prefer the voice and intelligence of Google Home.

Now Alibaba and Tencent realize the importance of Cloud, a bit late, but they will catch up. In the meantime, Microsoft is the most valuable company in the world, but not for long. Amazon has much more potential because it’s not just a cloud company.

Disruption of New Heights

The Amazon bets on the arm could even challenge Intel. Amazon can afford to lose a lot of intrigues as its sum wins the race for innovation. The US government must join forces with Amazon as the newest company to fight the new Chinese technology dynasty. The Chinese yuan is to oust the US dollar, the question is when. The global economy has turned to the Chinese consumer, and Amazon does not.

The cloud still has room for growth and can not only accelerate artificial intelligence but also the next wave of exponential technologies. This allows Amazon to gain a foothold in healthcare and in the banks of the future. Amazon accounts for almost 49% of all online sales in the US.

As impressive as Salesforce is, with sales expected to reach $ 21 billion by 2022, AWS is expected to exceed $ 69 billion, according to a July 30 report from Jefferies. Microsoft and Salesforce may be the only ones who can compete, while Alibaba is expected to be a significant part of the Asian market. So, join our AWS Training in Pune course and build your career in cloud computing.