Winters are approaching and everybody looks forward to welcoming them in their own style. We generally loose on our style due to the cozy feel and the warmth of the various accessories worn in winters for gain warmth. However, KSSShop has a solution to all the problems.  For topping your look and feeling the coziness too, beanies are the most preferred warming accessories to wear. Beanies are the saviours, the ones which make you comfortable and trendy when you are all wrapped up or even when you have to cover your hair. You must have seen the rappers with a beanie cap. This cap, in fact does a lot of justice to their attire. If we recall the trend few years back, you would find a great shift in the styles too. The change lies in the use of beanies which has lit a spark to the various fashionable outfits. Beanie caps  in India have evidently become a trendy style in the daily wear.

So, What Is a Beanie?

Many times we see people with hats or caps, but every time we insist on buying one for ourselves, we end up taking something else. This is because we don’t know how it works for ourselves. These seaming caps tapered at the top give an elegant look and add a class to your look, making it tempting and irresistible for everyone.

Origin of Beanies

Beanies Cap  originated in the United States and were used by workers who had to work in extreme weather conditions. These cuties have different names in different countries. For e.g. – in Canada and United States, they are called knitted caps, Malaysia has a completely different name-serkup. Other commonly used names include- skull cap, toque, busby, skully, snowcap etc.

Different types of beanies:

There are different types of beanies with distinctive features and suiting all types of people:

  • Cuffed beanies with a thick rim for allowing adjustment as well as firm fitting.
  • Fisherman’s beanies, a style adopted from sea side and similar to cuffed ones but the brim line lies above the ear
  • High topped beanies, a cuffed beanie but with a large pocket above the crown.
  • Slouchy beanies, wearable in both summers as well as winters
  • Pom-pom beanies, with removable poms specially used as a winter accessory.
  • Visor beanies, a sporty look beanie useful for adventurous trips or sports.

Beanie Benefits:-

  • They provide sense and style to your aura, thereby making you different from the crowd.
  • The usefulness of beanies lies in the type of protection they offer. By shielding us against the cold, heat and wind, they make us less prone to environmental exaggerations.
  • The frequently changing weather makes us vulnerable to many problems. Beanies offer a solution to this as they keep the temperature of the head stable.


KSSShop has successfully launched a wide variety of watch beanie caps for men as well as women. With the sole motto to complete your look with a voguish attitude, KSSShop has a huge variety of snazzy beanies ranging from knitted ones to the slouchy ones for men and beanie caps for women online. Apart from that there are multiple designs with different material to suit your needs.  The vibrant colors and unmatchable style will definitely make your day. The tempting discounts add extra flavor to the dish. You can match your beanie with any outfit of your choice. So, dear men be it your leather jacket or a faded denim, beanies can be coordinated with anything. In fact, its purpose does not end here; the watch cap is equally suitable for any kind of social or formal gathering. Women and girls can team up the beanie with any pullover or cardigan or any jeans or fitted trouser and they can even enhance the look with stylish boots. So, get ready to raise your style quotient because this beanie is the “This Is It” thing. Just go for it and be the showstopper of your show.