Belly dance is popular throughout the world as exotic dance. The dancers wear the Egyptian costumes and move their lower body with the music in a great rhythm. The movement of the arms is relaxed and the hips move in a swaying manner both in a fast and a slow fashion based on the beat of the music. This expressive dance came out from Egypt and emphasizes the complex movements of the torso.

The thing that makes belly dance attractive to women is its health benefits. Women who do this dance as a hobby have no problems at childbirth. The dance helps strengthen the pelvic and abdominal muscles. It gives the body more stamina while allowing you to lose weight.

The good dancers can make a lot of money if they take up dance as a profession. There is a shortage of good belly dancers these days. Once you gain perfection you can join a dance company and take part in competitive events. Many events are held throughout the world that attracts skilled dancers. If you want to be a professional belly dancer, join the belly dancing classes to bring out the talent in you.

The dance is performed barefoot. When you practice often you can have a slimmer waistline. Those who want to stay fit while enjoying their time like to learn belly dancing. The attractive belly dance costumes can be bought online at affordable prices. Dancing will help you overcome shyness and make you feel more confident about yourself. You can make more friends and be more social.

Look for a dance studio in the neighborhood and start at the beginner level. At the dance studio, the ambiance is friendly and the instructors are very helpful. They want you to achieve your goals and pay individualized attention. Soon you will begin to see improvements in your style and will move gracefully with the music. After learning belly dancing you can learn Salsa or ballroom dancing at your own pace.