Choosing to get a hip replacement surgery is actually a major decision. There are many benefits if one undergoes it and in some cases, this surgery can be the apt choice for an individual.

When one thinks of undergoing one, there are a lot of things to be considered. One of them is the cost of hip replacement operation in India and one can get an idea if they ask the surgeon or enquire at the hospital. The major benefit that one gets when one goes for a hip replacement surgery; it that it can eliminate pain. This is actually the main reason why one chooses to replace it because they cannot move or walk due to excruciating pain.

Why is hip replacement surgery necessary?

It is necessary because many times the grating bone to bone pain becomes very strong because one is suffering from osteoarthritis and that can lead to a possibility of hip replacement. This is because; as the cartilage cushions of the bone around the hip joints get wear away the weight bearing of the body in each and every step become even more painful.

When a total hip replacement procedure is done, then the diseased bone is removed along with the cartilage that creates the ball and the socket joint. In many cases, the ball of the joint at the head of the femur is replaced with a ceramic or a metal ball. Then the socket is replaced with a ceramic or a plastic cup. Once it is done, it really works as a non diseased hip joint. Most people report their joint pain was either significantly reduced or completely eliminated. They say their new hip joint feels completely normal. Hip replacement surgery is said to restore the daily movement and activity of an individual.

When one recovers from a total hip replacement then many people can resume their regular activities and things they love to do just before hip pains restricted them from doing it. That is where the benefit of the best hip replacement surgery in India lies.

Hip replacement surgery also reduces the risk of chronic health conditions. According to many medical researches; people who have undergone the hip replacement surgery have reduced the risk of heart diseases, diabetes and depression.  But one can be ordered certain movement restrictions by the surgeon, depending on whether they have had an anterior or posterior hip replacement surgery.

One should not cross their legs after posterior hip replacement surgery. So, when one is putting on their socks and shoes then they should not bring their foot towards their body.  After the surgery, one should avoid things like:

  • Low seats
  • Deep cushions
  • Picking up items off the floor while seated
  • Pulling up the blankets while you are in bed

If one has had anterior hip replacement surgery then they need to avoid:

  • Bending backward
  • Turning the foot out
  • Lying on the stomach
  • Extending the operative leg behind

One just needs to follow the instructions for a fast recovery.