Benefits Of Middle Post  and Cantilever Umbrella 

To the detail-oriented, an outdoor shade umbrella can come in different types. It can vary according to size, style, and frame.
There are two more popular kinds. These are the Cantilever umbrella and the Center post or Middle post shade umbrella.
Know the difference in these two with this list we’ve prepared below:

Cantilever Umbrella

cantilever umbrella

Cantilever umbrella has a more elegant style compared to other types.
• Its pole position is on one side. This allows for a roomier space for your tables and chairs to complement your cantilever.
• The pole of a cantilever outdoor shade umbrella assures of a wider leg area for your guests.
• Its canopy, or that part of the shade umbrella which provides shade, has a tilt feature. This can be angled towards the direction of the sunlight to get a better shade.
• A cantilever outdoor umbrella requires a more stable or bigger base. This is to support the entire weight of the shade umbrella and ensure stability.
• This shade umbrella can have wider sunshade protection.
• It is foldable.
• A cantilever outdoor shade umbrella can be best used as a garden or pool umbrella.

Middle-Post Shade Umbrella

pool umbrella

• It has a more classic design.
• This type of shade umbrella has it’ pole located at the center.
• It requires a bigger area to install at.
• A middle post outdoor umbrella has better structural support because of its base position.
• Unlike a cantilever, a middle post umbrella is not multi-angled.
• This shade umbrella is foldable like the cantilever.
• It’s best for commercial use because of the kind of frame it has. A middle post outdoor umbrella offers greater stability.
• It’s convenient to have in cafes, restaurants, and resorts. Or placed in outdoor settings where the weather conditions are windier. This will need a better frame and a sturdier center post from a shade umbrella.
What kind of outdoor shade umbrella are you thinking of getting? Do you prefer a middle post or cantilever umbrella gave the features we’ve shared with you in this article? We can help you find the right outdoor umbrella for home or business use. Inquire about our shade umbrella products through this link: