I wish I could understand the benefits of juicing in my childhood. My father used to drink a lot of fruits and vegetable juice though I am not a fan of juice. However, now I know the benefits of juicing once a day. You can ask me why I should drink juice every day? You can also think it’s a waste of time and money. But when you know the benefits, you will drink it for sure.

Now I start my days with juice. Fruits and vegetables have nutrients and detoxify, which is very important to your body. It also gives you a healthy life.

If you hate raw fruits and vegetable, then the juice is the best solution for you. Juicing can help you to consume the vitamin for your body. You can also test a different kind of fruits and vegetables by juicing.

However, raw fruits also have nutrients and vitamins. When you drink juice a lot, you can fight diseases. So, you can live a healthy lifestyle. You can make juice easily by the Vitamix  5200 Vs 5300. This is one of the best blenders for making juice.


5 Benefits of Drinking Green Juice Daily


Boost your Energy

When you drink better, you will feel better. One glass of fruits and vegetable juice gives rich nutrients to your body every day, and nutrients boost your energy level. Most of the people drink coffee or tea when they feel down!! But veggie and fruits juice are the best options to drink when you feel down.

I know it’s tough to make it a habit. When you drink healthy juice, you can feel the changes to your energy. Your friend also asks you the secret of your power. You can show excellent performance in your office. Your boss impresses to your energetic work. Every organization want an active employee. Your energy is the key to the activeness.

Everyday juicing is the solution for weight loss

Are you worried about your weight? You have an easy solution and its juicing. Extra fat is our enemy. So, if you have excess fat, it needs to burn.

You can make a weight loss plan. Before doing the planning, you should consult a primary physician. You should take advice from him.

Extra fat makes your life worse. It makes your lifestyle difficult.  Veggies and fruits have fiber. Fiber makes you feel full for a long time, and you don’t feel hungry. This helps to burn extra calories to your body.  You can drink green juice before hitting the gym and morning workout. So, drink green juice and enjoy weight loss.

Healthy Glowing Skin

Who doesn’t want a healthy glowing skin!! One of the best things about juicing is it contains antioxidants, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and its healthier for skins. The antioxidants contain harmful toxins which reduce the risk of sun damage.

Vegetable juice makes your skin glow. Try to drink tomatoes, potatoes, cabbages, carrots and radishes juice. When you eat nothing but junk food, it makes your skin oily and has a lot of breakouts. Juicing can help to makes your skin softer and flexible.

Juicing keeps you young

Do you know regular juicing slow down your age? It’s not a joke. A recent study shows if you eat healthy food, it will slow down the age. We already discuss vegetables contains Antioxidants which stop oxidative loss of body cells.

Regular juicing is also helpful for heart disease, cancer and diabetes. If you don’t have the diseases, you can live longer and young! Sometimes people are too busy, and they don’t have time to eat. But you can drink a glass of juice which makes you feel full for a long time.

Juicing can improve your sleep

When you eat good fruits and veggies, it improves your sleep. Some fruits have melatonin in them such as cherries, kiwi, oranges, which helps to sleep. Recent study founds if a person drinks two glasses cherry juice regularly they sleep 90 minutes more sleep at night. Isn’t it great? When you eat healthily, you feel healthy and sleep healthy.