In the current scenario, experiential marketing activation has become the core strategy of marketing a brand. Experiential technology solutions are known for boosting two communications between a brand and its potential customers in real-time. It helps brands and customers understand each other in a better way while building an emotional connect. Brands that use experiential technology solutions for marketing themselves in strategic marketing dynamics can deliver their message clearly which reaches its target audience, without getting lost in the clutter of advertisements.

As we all know, live video streaming solutions has been helping many brands to expand their reach around the globe and leverage. The rapid use of live video streaming solutions by various brands has made it immensely popular. Ever since we stepped into the digital era, digital marketers started opting for experiential marketing solutions to stay ahead of the competitors.

In the past few years, digital marketing dynamics have become much more complex. The graph of brands inclining towards experiential technology solutions has increased enormously. With time, an increase in the usage of live video streaming in experiential marketing activations has been recorded. When a brand plans for a perfect event, whether to Live stream an event or not depends on the needs and demands of the band. If asked, undoubtedly it will help experiential marketing activations reach another level.

Nowadays, Brand activation services started mixing live video streaming with an experiential technology solution for benefiting a brand.  Live video streaming is known to reach a wider segment of the audience around the globe by a single click which is much more than the number of attendees physically present at the event. Combining live video streaming with experiential technology solutions helps in getting a wider reach at a minimal cost. The cost of live streaming and acquiring an online viewer is always less when compared to influencing people to buy a ticket for an event. A recently conducted survey reports that a minimum of 80% of audiences who watched the live stream of an event are likely to visit a similar event in-person the following year.

Combining live video streaming with experiential technology solutions have many benefits and helps brands to stay ahead in the digital race. To live stream a brand event a verified social account and a strong and reliable internet network with good bandwidth are necessary. It won’t be wrong to say experiential marketing activations clubbed with live video streaming solution has an edge over any marketing strategy. For a brand to create a buzz, live streaming clubbed with experiential technology solutions work wonders. Let’s have a look at why the role of live video streaming is increasing in experiential marketing activations enormously.

Benefits of Combining Live Video Streaming With Experiential Marketing Activations:

1. It helps the brand to  gain exposure globally thereby expanding the reach

Experiential marketing activations boost audience engagement while engaging them interactively with the brand. The audience present at the event can actively participate in brand events that use experiential technology solutions. It helps in boosting direct interactions between brands and customers, resulting in better sales leads. Experiential marketing activations that are shared on live video streaming gets more clicks and thereby reaching a larger segment of the audience without any geographical limitations. It helps in boosting interactions between the customer and brand who are not physically present at the event. A large percentage of audiences who caught live video streaming of the brand event are likely to attend a similar event the following year resulting in the expansion of the brand family.

Experiential technology solutions give life to any brand while boosting interactions, but Live video streaming expands the reach for any brand by reaching a wider audience base globally as the majority of audiences can be touched online in the current era of digitalization.  Combining live video streaming with experiential marketing activations helps brands attracting a potential target audience from where they are. The majority of brand activation services started following the same approach for leveraging a brand.

2. It gives the brand a much-desired hike

Combining Experiential marketing activations with live video streaming helps the brand to mark its presence on social media as social platforms offer live streaming services. Sharing experiential marketing activations streaming on social media gives the brand a much-desired hike by encouraging users to interact. The loyal customers can act as influencers attracting friends and family by communicating about the event or share it online. Experiential marketing activations that are streamed online appear instantly in search results and attract many new customers. Combining experiential technology solutions with live streaming is a seamless blend that can make any brand trend.

3. Live video streaming helps in engaging customers after the event

Experiential technology solutions are an effective medium for boosting interactions between brands and customers. Live video streaming experiential marketing activations helps in keeping in touch with the customers even after the event gets over. A person who missed the live stream can view it within a 24-hour timeline after the event gets over. It allows audiences to remember the brand event and share their experiences with friends and family, thereby promoting the brand. Brands can offer coupons or discounts while streaming live for making its place in digital marketing dynamics.

Expand your reach by combining live-streamed video with experiential marketing activation. Your brand event is likely to hit the charts and become the talk of the town. If you have not yet thought about it, now is the time. Plan your brand activation, clubbed with experiential technology solutions and live video streaming for marking the brand’s presence in strategic marketing dynamics.