In modern days, there are available huge numbers of Smartphone in the market. Everyone can able to buy Smartphone at low prices. The camera features of those phones are very high, so people prefer to buy Smartphone instead of buying a camera at high prices. And for the popularity of phones and its camera everyone become a self photographer, they click many photos through their phone camera’s and if they want to delete unwanted poor or high-quality pictures they can use photo cleaner apps on their device.

Photo cleaner apps for your Smartphone:

Here I list some great photo cleaner apps for you those help you to clean your extra files from your device:

Remo Duplicate Photos Remover:

You can get rid of duplicate images by using Remo Duplicate Photos Remover app on your phone. When your device sounds like that you have not enough space this app than actually does its best jobs by maintaining various functions on your device. It cleans more junk copies of photos and taking many spaces on your phone. Remo Duplicate Photos Remover app completely scans your device and shows you the duplicate and same folders and albums of images and here you can delete those pictures. This app is incredibly useful for users who often share their pictures on social media.

Photo Cleaner -Album organizer:

Photo Cleaner -Album organizer is very useful for your device and you can also use this app on your iPhone device. This app has the capability to remove enough duplicates and junk photos from your devices that you do not want to keep on your phone and this app able to manage the same albums that you want to keep or don’t want to keep on your device. The best part of this app is you can select the photos that you want to keep or remove from your phone.

Clean Photos:

If you want to clean up your same images, screenshot pictures, facebook saving pictures, Whatsapp saving media photos then you can use this Clean Photos app on your device. This app work as the model of tinder where you can able to swipe left to right or right to left and here you got 3 directions of swiping. You can select your favorite swipe option to choose to delete or not delete the duplicate images. You can swipe down to trash and swipe left to decide late.

Duplicate Photos Fixer:

Duplicate Photos Fixer app is one of the best photo cleaner apps that using and understanding very easy for the users.  This app scans and shows you the duplicates or the same images on your devices within few seconds. By default this app you can select the trash images that you want to remove and can mark for deletion.  After you remove the same images you the option of allowing the file of backup option.

Gallery Doctor:

Gallery Doctor App is very useful to remove your trash file from your phone and it can take care of the same photo issues and this app can also delete similar photos or similar-looking photos. Gallery Doctor automatically identifies the duplicate images, low-quality clicks, dark photos, etc so, if you want to remove then can delete from your android device.